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Our Mission

Is to warn others

about the harms and permanence of medical transition. Many people are stuck with the physical, mental and social changes that come along with medical transition. We are here to give a voice, a platform & community to anyone who regrets their medical transition and work together to WARN others of its harms and permanence.

We are up against Goliath, but we have soul on fire to save gender confused children!

Join Trans Regretters

If you are committed to warning others about the harms and permanence of medical transition through writing, social media, public speaking, or in your daily life please fill out the questionnaire below and we will contact you. 


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Trans Regretters SubReddit

Some can detransition, some can deisist, some are STUCK. Trans Regretters subReddit is for you.  Complete our quesionnaire to become a member and gain access.

Our Stories

Stories to come from Laura Becker, Camille Keifel, 
Ritchie Herron, and more trans regretters

You have a meeting
We have a Regretter!

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Trans Regret


Trans Regretters is grateful for your donations in any large or small amount.  We appreciate you and all of our supporters who help us warn others about the harms and permanence of medical transition.

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Scott Newgent

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