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Our Mission

Is to warn others about the harms and permanence of medical transition. Many people are stuck with the physical, mental and social changes that come along with medical transition. We are here to give a voice, a platform & community to anyone who regrets their medical transition and work together to WARN others of its harms and permanence.

There is no change to the speaking fee. We speak out because it's the moral thing to there has never been a more pressing medical crisis than the one affecting children right now and it must stop!

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We NEVER Charge so speak on the behalf of women & children . . .

Most activist do!

Scott Celebrates Five Years In Activism - STOP TRANSING KIDS #SCREAM Louder Through The Years 

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Scott Newgent, a transman, has been addressing the negative effects of medical transitioning for the past five years. He believes that the majority of humanity is inherently good and does not need to alter their bodies to find peace. Newgent encourages open and honest discussions about the true effects of medical transitioning, rather than hiding behind platforms like YouTube where harm and exploitation run rampant. He believes that the elimination of medically transitioning children presents an opportunity for open and honest dialogue, allowing young adults to share their experiences without preconceived agendas.


To heal you have to understand the why!


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