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Trans Have Been Speaking Out AGAINST Medically Transitioning Children, Puberty Blockers & Using Opposite Pronouns To Birth Gender For Years. 

2018 - Rene Jax Spoke Out Publicly

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Hvis du tror, at voksne transpersoner er enige med børn i medicinsk overgang: Du tager desværre fejl.

Trans har forsøgt at stoppe dette i årevis, men mainstream-medier fremmer kun medikalisering af børn som et menneskerettighedsspørgsmål. Det er ikke; det er almindelig gammeldags grådighed, og det er forkert...SCREAMING Højere

Rene Jax, a transwoman for 40 years, testifies in the California Senate Judiciary Committee against AB 2119, a bill to make sure foster kids have access to sex-change operations and puberty-blocking drugs to help them align their bodies to match their gender identity.

Trans deserve rights and protections under the laws that govern, but we made a choice to transition. You create trans with synthetic hormones, surgery; it needs to be safe and no children. Trans health is currently not safe, it's experimental, and your kids are a massive study on what happens to a body when you medically transition long term. 

Right now? 

No one knows.

The leaders within the rational side of the transgender debate are listed below. None of us agree on everything 100%, but we all embrace reality. We yearn to coexist without taking anything away from any other part of society and, most importantly, shield and protect kids,

Get to know real adult trans.

Scott Newgent

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