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About Scott

Scott’s eyes burn with fire as he remembers the life he once had. A successful business executive, revered by his peers and showered with awards and accolades, Kellie King seemed to have it all. But at age 42, everything changed. She made the choice to transition into Scott Newgent, a transgender man, and suddenly her life turned into a living nightmare. Medical complications plagued Scott’s journey, causing him to lose everything he had worked so hard for - his career, his home, his savings, his marriage, even his faith in himself and in God. He was thrown into a battle for survival, constantly seeking answers from one ER to another as his health deteriorated. But what he discovered about transgender healthcare shocked him to the core. As he fought through near-death experiences and studied relentlessly about the dangers of medical transitioning, Scott’s determination burned brighter than ever. His children's faces were etched in his mind, giving him the strength to endure any amount of pain. And when he learned about medical professionals pushing children towards transitioning, something inside him snapped. With a relentless passion, Scott became an international leader in advocating for truth, reality, and care for everyone affected by transgenderism. Through his organization Trans Regretters, he united people from all walks of life to stand together against the harmful effects of medical transitioning on children. Despite the struggles and regrets along the way, Scott stands strong in his conviction that medical transitioning is not the answer - but he will continue to fight until every child is safe from its grasp. This is Scott’s SCREAM for Justice scream - a cry for equitableness and protection for those who are vulnerable and voiceless in this complex issue.

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Get the 'Why' Out!

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From Darkness to Enlightenment: The Powerful Story of Scott Newgent's Inner Evolution

The 'Why?' A Scott Newgent Memoir


Convincing others to embrace an idea is a delicate craft. Controlling the thoughts and behaviors of millions requires subtle manipulation and skillful execution. A destructive belief system is corrupting young minds, damaging their well-being, and subjecting them to risky medical procedures that not only fail to cure but also cause long-term health problems. Yet, society applauds and promotes it, convincing over 300,000 American children (which has now increased to 2.6 million in just 36 months) that they must go through a "transition." As a result, pharmaceutical companies, gender reassignment surgeons, and other parties have profited over $500 billion solely from these vulnerable patients.


The exploitation of gender-confused children takes advantage of our collective concern for their well-being and our culture's emphasis on civil rights, particularly those of the LGBTQ+ community. In a time where clickbait headlines, outrage addiction, and the spread of false information on social media run rampant, the phrase "Would you rather have a trans son or a dead daughter?" casts a powerful spell over our nation.


The question is: why?


As someone who nearly lost my life due to the process of "medical transition," I use my sales background, indomitable spirit, and personal experience with being manipulated by ideologically-driven psychologists and unethical doctors to piece together all the puzzle pieces. My raw and truthful story of survival exposes the deliberate misinformation and behind-the-scenes deals that lead well-intentioned individuals into naively believing they are helping children when they are actually causing harm.


Why am I willing to speak out? To face targeting, harassment, and threats from violent, dangerous, and immoral activists? These questions will be answered in my memoir—a perspective that challenges the beliefs held by 99% of society. As someone who has given birth and experienced motherhood firsthand while struggling to survive against all odds, I can attest to the fact that "medical transition" is almost entirely experimental and definitely not for children!


My memoir is a raw and unflinching exposé, revealing the painful truth behind a question that must be answered in order to save your child from the insidious grip of a destructive cult. The answers I provide are crucial to their healing, but they come at a cost - reliving the horrors and manipulation of this growing threat.


Coming in August ‘The Why’ By Transman Regretter Scott Newgent

Scott Newgent

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