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A Project Fell Through, But We Still Have To Save Kids! -Transman Scott Newgent

Recently, I had a project fall through that would have sustained me within activism and supported my family. The project fell through. This campaign was created to help keep me active 24/7, but $60 was raised.

I want nothing more than to stay in this fight, but I cannot sustain the stress. I have to look outside of activism due to the constant stress emotionally, financially & spiritually. Please let me know if you have any ideas on how I can remain. If you want me to continue, consider donating or purchasing merchandise. People appreciate my voice, but I don't belong to a subtribe within activism. It makes me affective to change hearts and minds but ineffective from a PR standpoint and support. Appreciating my voice is quite different from promoting or supporting it.

I have been forced to say NO to a couple of documentaries and popular podcasts due to the travel demands; the flights and hotels are paid for, but not the miscellaneous parking fees, taxis, food or bagging charges. These trips usually cost me about $250, which I can no longer afford.

Campaign Below: Donate

Campaign Created by: Kevin Tuttle

Kevin Tuttle will receive the funds from this campaign.

Monthly Goal: USD 5,000

Raised this month: USD 10

Total Raised: USD 60

Scott Newgent is the accidental star of Matt Walsh's "What is a Woman" documentary. His goal is to protect children from the dangerous trans ideology that is permeating our culture and destroying children's innocence in the process.

As a trans man, Scott endured medical complications after medical complications due to transgender "healthcare." Scott has lost everything he'd ever worked for: his home, car, savings, career, spouse, medical insurance, and most importantly, his faith in himself and God. Through this campaign of love, this community can show Scott that God loves him and hasn't forsaken him even for a moment.

In a battle to survive, Scott went from ER to ER, trying to solve the mystery of why his health was failing. He learned firsthand the truth about how dangerous medical transition is. He realized that if you get sick because of transgender health, you will be deserted by the medical field, who might also gaslight you.

Scott's mission in life is to expose the dangerous lies that medical institutions, psychologists, and others are espousing that ultimately robs the innocence of children. But he needs funding to do so as he can no longer support his family without our help.

Please prayerfully consider helping Scott so he can work full time doing interviews on podcasts and other media nationwide, as well as all over the world. His message is vital.

Please consider a donation: Donate

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Scott Newgent

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