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A Trans Man Explains the Yin/Yang Of Chinese Medicine & How It Play Havoc On A Biological Woman

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By, Harley Stofiel

A Trans Man Explains the Yin/Yang Of Chinese Medicine & How It Play Havoc On A Biological Woman

"Yin deficient" in Chinese Tradition medicine, is somewhat similar to adrenal fatigue or adrenal "burnout" in western/allopathic medicine. Chinese Traditional medicine is a different approach to understanding symptoms that trans men experience at one time or another on testosterone. "T" is associated with puberty and menopause concurrently. Think, females need moist vaginas, brains, joints and eyes. Females on "T" have deficient moisture, hence Yang dominates and flares up. When Yin is not able to hold down powerful yang energy, it dries out trans men bodies and unbearable symptoms occur. Trans people negatively compromise their bodies at the cellular level on cross-gender hormones. Synthetic "T" weakens female bodies and their immune system.

Yin deficiency signals a lack of nourishment in the body which affects your ability to cool down, calm down and establish harmony in your body. Yin deficiency is caused by long lasting muscular tension/stress or following long-term illness/surgery. And, excessive work (Yang) without rest leads to deficiency of Yin energy. When Yin in the body is deficient, Yang dominates the body which affects your body's ability to cool down. This is also known as too much "heat" in your body. When there's too much heat in your body it produces insomnia, night sweats, dry mouth, dry joints, dry eyes, dry lips, dry stools (constipation), hot hand and feet. Yin deficiency's properties refer to a deficiency of fluids such as blood and various body fluids. Fluid depletion, Yin deficiency may cause stagnation of the thick fluids. Yin deficiency and dryness can also affect the blood and fluids by making it very thick and therefore difficult to flow. The goal is to remove the heat to re-establish balance back to your body. "Excess heat" is when Yin is deficient and dominant Yang is unrestrained. Yin moistens and nourishes organs and tissues. When the body's Yin is depleted, excess of Yang results. Yang excess leads to feelings of "empty heat" and to heart palpations, night sweats, anxiety, hot flashes, pain in the legs, sore eyes. Like pressing down hard on the gas pedal for a continuous amount of time will create more heat within the engine, burns gas more rapidly, and use up other fluids faster as well. When Yin is deficient it cannot hold down Yang. Yin is a cooling and moistening substance to balance out Yang.

Yin deficiency affects a person's ability to cool down, calm down and establish harmony in the body. When Yin does not cool and nourish Yang, Yang rises like a balloon. Trans men can experience anxiety, irritability, manic behavior, change in hunger, heart palpitations, night sweats, hot flashes, headaches, dizziness, sore eyes, sore throat, tinnitus, pain in the legs and acne. Blood is Yin and blood moves Qi (energy). Blood nourishes the physical body and anchors Shen (mind), housed in the Heart. Quality of blood circulating throughout your systems help give vitality. As a Yin substance, blood is dense, fluid, and lubricating. It prevents tissues/joints from drying out. Low blood volume. When blood is abundant, one feels alive. Blood deficiency = chronic fatigue, headaches, dizziness, anxiety, brain fog, always cold, bruise easily. "T" reduces blood flow in the lower abdomen, "blood stagnation". Blood stagnation can manifest as tissue changes, like polyps, or tumors but most often shows up as pain from impaired microcirculation. Abdominal fat, edema, insulin sensitivity, elevated triglycerides, elevated homocysteine, increased C-reactive protein, virilization. Anxiety and depression. Vitality is diminished, which shows in one's appearance, emotional affect, how one carries themselves, and in health. Qi is Yang and Qi is vital, active and energetic.

Are You in Regeneration or Degeneration?

Disease Triangle
Power Source Triangle

When deficient yin kidney fluid fails to nourish the brain and ears, there is dizziness, tinnitus and forgetfulness. When deficient kidney yin fails to nourish the lumbar region and knees, there is a manifestation of soreness and weakness in the lumbar region and knees. Kidney yin moistens and nourishes, while kidney yang provides warmth and promotes organs and tissue. Yang is considered to be the physical body and Yin is considered to be the internal energy. When Yin does not cool down and nourish, then Yang rises. Yang energy is hot, fast moving, expanding upward and outward. Above the waist, exterior, back and head. Yang tends to move towards the center and Yin moves to the periphery. Yang is fire, restless, seeking. Yang is over stimulated with work, sex, and exercise. Yang deficiency is low libido, lower back pain, knee, and leg pain. Yang is the hallow organs, a long tube starting at the mouth, esophagus, stomach (separate impure substances from food), small/large intestines, down to your butt that eliminates waste. Urinary bladder and gall bladder channels are also affected. Think of energy meridians as highways that run through your body, scars are roadblocks along that route. Scars create barriers for moving energies. Energy hits the wall that the scar tissue creates, and begin backups in that location and produce sickness. Women and trans people who've had breast surgery, either for augmentation, reduction, or a mastectomy can later experience an erratic heartbeat or arrhythmia with no history of heart problems. Trans bottom surgeries are known for high complication rates and its negative effects on trans sexual well-being. Studies show that women who've had C-sections or men who've had appendectomy, faulty circumcision. hernia or gallbladder surgery that develop scar tissue often suffer from loss of sexual pleasure. Trans surgeries in the short-term may bring relief, but in the long-term can only bring negative results. The ranks of gender detransitioners are growing and up to 20% trans people regret their "trans" surgeries. When the body is cut on or injured, fibrous tissues form over the wound. In Traditional Chinese, scar tissues are considered Qi and blood stagnation which can lead to blocked blood flow and sickness. Surgery leaves residual trauma from surgical cuts that produce scar tissue that holds negative energic memory of that surgery. Scar tissues also act as a barrier that prevents natural flow of your body's energies from going beyond or through the scar tissue. The effects are an accumulation or stagnation of energy that results in new problems.


How We Get Sick

v Poor Food Choices
Nutritional Deficiencies
Organs and Glans


Yang is considered to be the physical body, and Yin is considered to be the internal energy; together they work to make a whole. All disease is cell disease, but all cell disease is proceeded by sticky blood. Blood feeds and oxygenates cells. It's circulation through the body generates an electrical charge. Yang energy controls activity within the body, Yin energy controls inactivity and together they balance each other. The mind, body, spirit and emotions are a seamless whole, disharmony in one affects the other. There is no separation because of the connection.

Yin Deficiency V Blood V Chi V Empty Chest V High Blood Pressure

Prenatal Energy = belly or life force that we were born with.

Post-Natal Energy = the food we eat.

Lung with air forms Chi, then Chi travels through the 12 meridians.

The heart, lung, and liver form Jing energy that feeds other energies.

Blood Qi is Commander of blood; blood is the mother of Qi.

We can change energy by the food we eat and the air we breathe.

Food is medicine for the body.

Energy = DNA (bank account) that parents give us

Inborn Qi is related to genetics and cellular make-up blood pressure.

Pectoral Qi is related to metabolism and external factors of air and food.

Nutritive Qi is related to diet and other nutritional factors.

Protective Qi is related to protection from the outside world or immune health.

Body filters are the liver, kidney and spleen.

A kidney is supercharged energy and houses will power/strength of person.


Yin (substance, like blood)

Yang (drive and upward)

winter, dark, rest, sleep, relaxed, easygoing, peaceful moistens, nourishes, internal, moves to the periphery, legs/arms, heavy and descends, Yin declines w/age

summer, heat, light, rises, awake, movement, extroverted, ambitious, hard, expansive, hyperactive, seeking, moves toward the center, back of body, head, above the waist


Digestive System *


Organs/Glans *

Nutritional deficiencies



to healing, plus barriers

to healing

Adrenal Access


In Chinese medicine, there are 12 meridian channels in the body with energy flowing through them. Blood moves Qi (energy). Testosterone thickens trans men's blood. Between sluggish blood and scar tissues, nutrients and oxygen cannot supply a healthy environment to the organs. All disease is cell disease, but all cell disease is proceeded by sticky blood. Blood feeds and oxygenates cells. Its circulation through the body generates an electrical charge. The higher the charge potential, the more fluid the blood is and the healthier and better nutrient-oxygenated your cells will be. Conversely, a decreased electrical charge is associated with aging and health challenges. Traditional Chinese medicine sees psoriasis as predominately caused by an excess of heat, that can manifest as blood heat, blood dryness, and blood stagnation. Blood heat from toxins, blood dryness from Qi deficiencies in the stomach channel and blood stagnation from liver problem. Stress, also plays a big part in your health.

By, Harley Stofiel - Trans Man

Scott Newgent

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