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An Apology Deserved For The Original SCREAMER - From Dr. Marci Bowers & Tyra Banks!

Dr Michael Brown, Christian Evangelical Leader, opposes homosexuality and believes God can cure it. I think he's full of shit as he thinks I am with this subject. It's OK for people not to agree; it doesn't taint the worth of a human being.

Dr Brown & I disagree, but I love him as a man; he's been there for me as a fatherly figure without judgement! I have not waivered on my beliefs as he has not with his. I say, "You are fucked on that, Michael," and he says, "Well, Kellie, I think you are wrong!" Then we move on as adults and work through ways to save kids from pharma. We need to adult better for kids! Our kids deserve us to adult better; this invisible line we do not cross to work together damages more than it helps!


Here's a transgender person. Here's a straight person. Here is a homosexual person. Here is a religious person. Here's a conservative person. Here's a feminist. Here's a liberal person.

We got the whole circle around so you can call us bigots!

Now let's talk about facts, and the facts tell us that:

"Medical transition is no place for a child!"



Get Your SCREAMING Shirt Today

Over ten years ago, he was pounded by Trans Surgeon Dr Marci Bowers and others humiliated like a wounded animal ganged up on like a pack of wolves. He was thoughtful, cautious, and delicate with his words. But people thought it was OK to attack Dr Brown on this infamous Tara Banks show; it was devastating to watch for several reasons. The most discernible reason? Because he was right. He did not back down and encountered cruel attacks for years because of his belief that medical transition was wrong to do to children. Children, children? What someone chooses as an adult was never discussed on this show.


In truth, when he first reached out? I told him to fuck off too, but I pondered, apologized, and it has been a friendship I have come to care for deeply.

Dr Brown doesn't know a thing about this post, but I have sent him an official Dog SCREAMING Shirt and made him the honorary "Religious Director" at TReVoices, an organization fighting to stop childhood medical transition and make trans health safe. Dr Brown is not only a member, he's an influencer within a up and coming powerhouse trans organization. Who's the bigot now?

So I ask?

Dr Maci Bowers, Tara Banks? You owe this man an apology.

See our podcast. The first guest he had was a homosexual that dies not believe what he believed, and we seemed to do just fine on the issue.

Transman Scott Newgent

-Founder TReVoices


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Jun 05, 2022

Well said 373a. I was compelled to hit the pause button & walk away lest I hurl my phone through the window when Dr. Bowers reached for Dr. Brown’s hand for…what, like, a third time in the course of a minute or less? Soooo condescending. The fact that Ms. Banks couldn’t manage her guests wasn’t of any help either. Hoping to get more out of the vid Scott posted above of his conversation with Doc Brown. Courage & luck, Divorcing Dad of a 5-year-old boy being gender affirmed out-the-ass by his well-meaning, but misguided mother


Jun 04, 2022

Only someone with male entitlement would keep grabbing a full grown adult's hand like that.


Scott Newgent

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