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Another Trans-This Time A Mental Health Expert&&&&&Trans - The Gingerbread Person! Isn't The Way

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

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Parents here is another transgender adult warning you about transgender ideology! Zander is an award-winning mental health expert in the UK coming out to warn parents. This is hard to do, don't make it for NOT!

Take a huge breath in knowing you are doing the right thing, SCREAMING:

"Medical TRansition is No Place For A Child!"




-Scott Newgent


Zander Keig is an award-winning licensed clinical social worker, educator, and author who served in the US Coast Guard and serves as Director of the Transgender American Veterans Association Community and Healing Committee.

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Zander hosts the UK Health Radio Network Exploring Transgender Health Radio Show and serves as both an Advisory Board member and Senior Fellow for the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism (FAIR).

Additionally, he develops and delivers corporate diversity training, emotional wellness, and interpersonal growth courses. As a trans man and first-generation American of Mexican heritage (Latino) with subject matter expertise in transgender care, social care, and mental wellness, Zander brings a unique perspective to all aspects of his work.

His educational training includes a BA in Speech/Interpersonal Communication, MS in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, MTS in Theological Systems, and an MSW in Clinical Social Work.


Zander has been recognized and

awarded for his many efforts:

Contact Zander: Click Here

Zanders Website: Click Here

Zander Keig, MSW, LCSW

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Scott Newgent

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