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Attorney -Ashton Cohen - ELECTile Dysfunction Podcast - The Legal Side Of Transing

Transgender Man/Educator on Trans Movement & Medical Transitioning of Children. Guest: Scott Newgent

Ashton is joined by Scott Newent - Scott is a transgender man and the founder of TReVoices, a group of trans educators who oppose radical gender activism and seek to educate politicians and families about the reality of gender dysphoria and stop the medical transitioning of children worldwide.

Ashton and Scott have a fascinating conversation about the issue of transgenderism, specifically its portrayal in the media and culture and its impact on children. To learn more about Scott and support his mission visit:

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11 Jul 2022

Scott you're a brave man. I'm a recent college grad from Portland State and was always shocked how crazy hard trans stuff is being pushed without any form of dialogue. Will be referencing people here.


07 Jun 2022

Scott, I watched your interview with the attorney and you had me in tears by the end with your story. Your message will reach people. And as I told someone yesterday, the world would be lost without you. Thanks for being a voice for children. ❤


Scott Newgent

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