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Autogynephilia-A Trans Woman Sexual Fetish-Why It's Important In Women's Sports & Med Transing Kids

Some Trans Women Suffer From Autogynephilia, Not All.


The post that follows is an added opinion by me, Scott Newgent. The three other trans, Aaron Terrell, Ken Pirie & Aaron Kimberly, have their own added thoughts on Autogynephilia. I respect all three of these trans immensely; my added thoughts as always; pretty in your face. I get that. The post includes a video for added explanation on different perspectives of trans.

It's telling how sensitive trans are about pronouns, sexual fetishes that do exist & how unreasonable some trans are, fighting tooth and nail to debunk this fetish. I wonder if these trans radicals realize their childish fits directly links to why we are butchering a generation of kids' gender-confused kids & ripping women's rights away. It seems to be that the priority to ensure appease trans with sexual fetishes, use pronouns we don't see and hear, permitting trans women who are biological men to participate in sports because it's more important to not embarrass trans by using the pronouns we see/hear than protecting women's rights and kids.

So forgive me if I am in your face; women and children take the priority with me. For me, and once again, it does not reflect the feelings of the other trans on this video, I say:

FUCK your feelings until kids are protected, and women's rights are back intact.

-Scott Newgent


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Aaron Kimberly

Ken Perie

Aaron Terrell

What if I told you a male sexual fetish is responsible for a considerable portion of the 'Trans Craze'? Would you believe it?

The sexual fetish is called Autogynephilia.

Ray Blanchard is an American-Canadian sexologist, best known for his research on transsexualism, paedophilia and sexual orientation. In the 80's and 90's, Mr Blanchard connected a phenomenon commonly found in trans woman and titled it, Autogynephilia. Autogynephilia (derived from Greek for 'love of oneself as a woman) is the term Blanchard coined for "a male's propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought of himself as a female "Intending for the term to refer to "the full gamut of erotically arousing cross-gender behaviours and fantasies".

Let me nutshell it for you:

Autogynephilia is a man who is immensely sexually aroused by a delusion that they are biological females attracted to women.


Yes, so think of it this way. These trans women who have this sexual fetish believe they are lesbians—biological women attracted to women. Not that they would like to be female and create an illusion for their comfort using manufactured hormones and surgery, No. They have to believe this to be sexually aroused. If someone breaks the fantasy by using male pronouns or refusing to play along, thus induces an aggressive, passionate response. Hence the "Trans Women Are Women."

Why is this vital to understand?

The foundation of this sexual fetish is only fulfilled if the fantasy is kept intact. What is happening in society regarding the trans craze is centred around a sexual obsession, pharmaceutical corporations, and plastic surgeon greed for finances and fulfilling a male sexual fetish. All of this is hidden behind the idea that 'medically transitioning kids' trans women taking over 'women's rights is about human rights. In 2022 biological women's rights are being stolen from women; women's sports are handing men trophies for beating women in sporting competitions. Men are being tiled 'Woman Of The Year" Sexual deviants are being housed in women's jails because they are announcing 'I'm Trans I Am A Biological Woman." The years of women fighting for rights ripped from their hands and shamed for not allowing men to keep their sexual fetish fantasy is tack. Pretty ironic, huh?

The problem is getting this message to the majority of society. With the current cancellation, culture society is hammered with pharma's marketing dollar money. Men with sexual fetishes in powerful positions are throwing gobs and gobs of cash, funnelling the funds to the world's best marketing/PR firms, ensuring this trans craze continues. I've stated before the facts detailed in my "12 Complications Of Medically Transitioning Children Post." If this trans craze continues in 20 years, where will we be with this trans craze? In 20 years, 18-24% of the earth's population will be medically transitioned, trans. That's frightening. Seven years ago, .06% of the population was medically transitioned, trans people.

Recently TReVoices Twitter account was flagged and activated with the stipulations that the TReVoies Twitter account cannot reference gender dysphoria as a mental illness or trans women as male. Seven months ago, my personal Twitter account was banned for warning about 'Queer Plastic Surgery Centers'. Queer surgery centres are popping up like popcorn worldwide. These surgical centres accept new patients with gender dysphoria and cut men penises off who are profoundly sick and deeply mentally ill, forcing insurance and governments to pay. was turned down by google to ad advertising helping us fund this activism, claiming TReVoices is a hate organization. Youtube cancelled our account and videos; I have had serious death threats. Around every corner, I am met with contention and bleeding for every person I get to so our society understands what's happening. Every ear I gain, I lose two.

This video by Transparency highlights Autogynelia from the perspective of trans. Little by little, we are inching into people's homes worldwide with trans like the ones in this video. We are speaking up without a benefit for ourselves; we take on a huge burden and are tormented around every corner, but we are doing it because it's the right thing to do.

Watch and send it to friends and SCREAM Louder.

Scott Newgent

Original Video By GDAC's Podcast Series 'Transparency'

This is an important video:

Aaron, Ken, Aaron and myself break down a sexual fetish within the trans community that many believe is a 'Key Factor' to why trans women are so dead set on being seen as biological women.


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Nov 16, 2023

The topic of autogynephilia, often described as a sexual fetish among some trans women, intersects complexly with contemporary debates about women's sports and the medical transition of children. This concept, though controversial and subject to various interpretations, raises important questions about the inclusion and fairness in women's sports, where physical advantages and the integrity of competition are key considerations. Additionally, the notion of autogynephilia feeds into broader discussions about the appropriateness and timing of medical interventions for transgender youth, a topic requiring careful, nuanced understanding to balance the needs for supportive environments with medical and psychological considerations. In this context, even fictional characters like Rump-Pump from "City of Dreams" contribute to the cultural narrative by providing diverse representations and perspectives,…


Mark Sorenson
Mark Sorenson
Jan 16, 2023

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Scott Newgent

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