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Candice Owens, Nashville, Tik Tok, CA Speech:I'm A Transman Too:Kids Shouldn't Transition & More

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

TReVoices Is the Leading The World Wide Charge To STOP The Travesty Of 'Medically Transitioning' Gender Confused Kids! Support Us Today - Donate


Nashville - Finish work at midnight on the 8th, pack, fly to Nashville, record Candice Owen's show 'Live'....Sleep, and go back home to work on Saturday!

My travel is almost all paid for, the work I miss and the incidentals are not. I am not paid to do this. If you believe my voice is essential? Consider a donation so I can continue with - Donate

As true to fashion for me, I have no clue who Candice Owens is; I know she's part of DW, and people seem to like her...I go with an internal yes/no, and I felt an INSTANT yes when Candice's team reached out to me the same way I felt when the 'What is a woman' team reached out to me.....We shall see!


Fu*^& Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleep Bleeping Bleep...' Unicorn Farts' Bleep Bleep

...and that's a wrap!


I'm A Transman, Too & Children Shouldn't Transition - One of the most frustrating things I have dealt with in this fight is knowing that off camera; no recording, trans adults talking??? 99.99% of us agree that "Medical transition is no place for a child." So when I get an email, and the author says it's ok to publish, I flip out of my chair and turn into a tumbling gymnast...Well, I feel like that! I can't flip anything other than a pancake right now, but you get the point.

-Scott Newgent

I'm a transman. I've had top and I'm going through lower. Phalloplasty has nearly taken my life more times than I care to think about. I had sepsis 3 times hospitalised emergency antibiotics. I've currently had 22 surgerys since 2016 and still ongoing. I had surgery 5 weeks ago and it's not gone well again. Expectations are always raised by the surgeon but never seem to for filled after surgery. I write complaints but because post op recovery is subjective and people's opinions are different then I can not prove anything and have to live with the consequences of my actions. I'm a 50 year old man now I was 38 when I started and I find it hard to come with it all let alone a child. The pain. The disfigurement of my body. The disabilities I've been left with from surgery. My life is traumatized from surgery and the out come of complications from post op care. I am left with a deformed worthless phallus that's to small for use. I'm incontinent from the catheters as they damaged my bladder. I'm finding it hard for anyone to see my phallus as real and not just a lump of skin. I have no feeling down there. Sex is just a memory. My graft arm is disabled from sevear nerve damage and my graft died had to have it regrafted 3 times so far. Was it worth it and my answer is no. Now I feel I shouldn't of transed. It's way to easy in the Uk.

No one talks about the failings in phalloplasty. It's just glazed over and only the lies are forced upon us. We are used a guinea pigs. Get told after failings in surgery that it happens. Don't worry it can be fixed. One more scar, one more surgery. One more lie. The truth needs to be put out there so people can truly make their own minds up. Doctors lie and make it seem so easy. 3 ops and your done. I've not known anyone who just had 3 ops. Many I know have needed multiple ops over many years. Gained many physical and mental health problems. It angers me to think children are lied to.

I know how I feel isn't agreeable with the trans community but I've never gone with the masses. I've always done my own thing.

Hope you get the truth out there.


Thank You Ben

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I put Dr Phil & Joe Rodan in the header image because I firmly believe that what you envision becomes a reality...I will be on both shows within six months. They might not know if yet, but they will!

...' Hello, this is Dr. Phil calling."


........Not ;)

Only imagine what you want your reality to be! We are much more potent than we give ourselves credit for! Be careful what you tell yourself because you are listening!


Tikery Tok - Who Knew How Fun & Most Important How POWERFUL It Is!


Yup I beleive we found a niche! - Follow TReVoices On Tik Tok


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