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Stella O'Malley & Scott Newgent" 2 Irish Same Diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria 2 Different Paths Taken

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Stella O'Malley & Scott Newgent

"Two Irish Woman With Gender Dysphoria - Same Diagnosis But Two Different Paths To Freedom From GD

I never realized I had gender dysphoria until a therapist told me I did at 42. I was circled and rounded up into the trans craze at a vulnerable place. What I didn't realize then that I know now is how common gender dysphoria is for females.

Take a step back and wonder back in your mind...Whatever you feel is irrelevant, society holds women in a confined box, with not much wiggle room, and that is the truth. What women can and cannot do or be or feel in our society is akin to a coloring book 'Don't go outside the lines.' If you color outside the lines, you are instantly believed to be a lesbian, autistic, and numerous other things. But, that fact is women come all different ways whether or not it makes you feel uncomfortable.

What if we removed the confined spaces and celebrated all women in all the ways we come. Would that help stop this crisis as our young girls flee from womanhood?

Maybe the solution is to accept women...mmm that's like a punch in the nose, right?

It stings a bit, huh? Reality, is such a bitch...Reality is an asshole that's I'd like to kick the shit out of daily if I could,

Instead, take a journey with two Irish women who suffered from gender dysphoria, two different ways to treat it. You might not like the truth, but the fact doesn't care.

Here is:

'Two Irish Woman With Gender Dysphoria - Same Diagnosis But Two Different Paths To Freedom From GD'

Welcome To TReVoices Blog By, Scott Newgent

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Sometimes as I sit back from my journey into becoming a transman, some things are just too painful to face. For me, this interview with Stella? This was the hardest thing for me yet, it threw me for a loop, and I had no idea why...Maybe it was her being a therapist and me not being able to hogtie her to what I wanted her to think; she thought as a trained professional, few are trained from this place, and few can hogtie me. Stella did! In the end, this one was hard, and I understand why it has gotten so many views; it's raw!

We recorded this over a month ago, and today I decided to watch it. I don't watch things that I record because they are painful; being this open is uncomfortable. In the end, when the music came on, and the last screen ended with me wiping my face? I was full of tears, and the tissue I grabbed 30 minutes prior was soaking wet unable to take any more tears....I was spent and exhausted!

For some, medical transition may be beneficial, but not many and the trauma of a successful medical transition alone has and will continue to break many. The truth needs to be embraced, and if it takes me doing this, I will continue because I made a promise, and I will not break it...I will SCREAM until no child is subject to medical transitioning, and I would love it if you joined Stella and me.

.....PS Don't let Stella corner you or at least make sure you have kleenex available...Damn you STELLA!

Scott Newgent - Join US SCREAMING Today

Our Journey Into The Trans World & Why Our Hearts Beat With Passion To Save Gender-Confused Kiddos

TReVoices - Truth From Trans

Stella O'Malley - Leading International Psychologist & The Co-Founder Of, speak about gender dysphoria and how it played a crucial role in her career path. Scott Newgent - Leading Transgender Speaker & The Founder of, talk about the same thing....

Both journeys led them here...SCREAMING...

Medical Transition Is No Place For A Child!

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The Stella O'Malley video is saying unavailable- is it available anywhere?

Scott Newgent
Scott Newgent
15 de mar. de 2022
Respondendo a

What do you mean? On trevoices or genspec? I had to delete my youtube I wonder if it's tied to that?/


Scott Newgent

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