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Dear Scott, Am I crazy to think my son is just gay? & 8 months 'What is a woman,' MO UPDATE

Updated: May 17, 2023

Dear Scott,

Am I crazy to think my son is just gay?

A Mom.


You ready for truth?

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Positive thoughts!


Eight months since 'What is a woman" was released. Here is more of the full story:

I bet it would surprise you that I have never watched the documentary "What is a woman," even though the clips you are watching are my life, experiences and emotions, I have yet been able to bring myself to watch it.

Sometimes as humans, we become numb to life, watching movies and documentaries with one eye on the screen and one eye on our phone mixed in with little feet interrupting our time with, "Can you make me a sandwich?" Sometimes those little feet aren't little anymore, and they are 6'2 huge feet that need attention just as they did when they started growing inside you but now, they are on the cusp of manhood!

So, we get up, make the sandwich, lay the plate down for our child, caress their cheek, saying, "You good son?" With a nod of yes, we try and make it back to our chairs to finish the movie that has been interrupted 20 times.

These constant distractions force us to lose how powerful something can be. It becomes diluted and placed on the shelf of emotions with millions of other emotions without much effect on us or life.

This interview with Matt Walsh was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I tried to get out of it about 30 times, offering other transgender people who were willing and wanted to be in the film. Me? I had a problem that I didn't share with the producers or anyone other than my immediate family. You see that day in New York? I was housebound for three years, leaving a handful of times; I even had my groceries delivered and a job I could do at home.

My medical complications would SHOCK you if I wrote them out, and you probably wouldn't believe it, and it's perhaps the reason my DW had so many attorneys checking everything I said...It's pretty unbelievable. But the trauma of the complications, the enormity of medical transition without difficulties, is an enormous undertaking. A dirty little secret is that a high percentage of people that medically transition deal with PTSD. But I promised not to say NO to anything that would save children, a personal pack I made, and my children are tied to the pack. So, what did you see on that day? You saw a mother fighting for her children. I took all three of them with me on that trip.

After three years of being unable to go to the store, I packed up all three of my kids and we headed to New York in a rented car, not having driven in three years. The pack won out because the producers of the documentary were dead set on me, and I couldn't say no. Watch this with the entire story of understanding how hard it was and couple that with the "WHY."

The why?

What are we doing to children is wrong, the most significant medical scandal in modern history and this documentary? It forced me out of my house, and I am improving daily. I am starting to get my old self back, giving speeches and feisty with grit from the zest of life. For this, I am thankful.

But please, don't do anything with the emotions you feel with this. Hold yourself accountable to SCREAM too.... However, you can, please, do something to STOP the medicalization of gender-confused children. Few things are black and white, and most decisions have a grey area for compromise, but the medicalization of gender-confused children is one of the rare times that there is NO grey in this, only black and white. SCREAM Louder, constantly and without reservation: STOP TRANSING KIDS!

...Join me and SCREAM LOUDER!

-Scott Newgent

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UPDATE: Missouri is filler bustering; but should know something tomorrow.....

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Meg P
Meg P
Mar 10, 2023

Glad you're kicking ass for the kids Scott and also glad your soul mission got you out of the house and back in the world! From not venturing out, to a job, then speeches at huge rallies! You don't do anything by halves! X


Scott Newgent

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