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Disarm A Young Adult With The Idea They Are Trans In A Way They Understand - Priceless REAL Thread

Welcome To TReVoices Blog By, Scott Newgent

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Parents? It's old fashion doubt, fear of not fitting in!

I get these messages a lot and thought it would be beneficial to read a real-life thread of what your kids 'young adults' are saying about being trans and why they believe they are.

Read how I disarm the idea that you are born trans quickly and in a way they understand and soothing with the knowledge they are completely NORMAL to believe how they do.

Trans ideology feeds on what females have felt since the beginning of time. The phrasing is sinister and provides what all of us females have deemed at one point in life, along with a unicorn fart solution wrapped in Disney magic as a cure-all.

It's the reason why the 4000&% increase has been dumped on the majority of the female's side of medical transition or the FTM.

Real Thread - I'm a trans man and I wondered if I can ask you some questions.

Relentless Focus To Stop The Medicalization Of Gender Confused Children! Help Us Continue The Fight & Donate Now.

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Scott Newgent
Scott Newgent
Jan 06, 2022

Seriously, what type of hallucinogenic did you take before you wrote that?

The only thing I heard was unicorn farts and glitter bombs of bla bla blah.

Take this wacko logic somewhere else. Wrong body wrong brain is fucking bullshit! Sure some men wish they were women and visa adults take synthetic hormones and have plastic surgery to create an illusion for comfort. Great...have at it...Truly! But all the other a bit you said makes NO FUCKING SENSE!

People are catching on and I sincerely suggest you find a good support system because the head nodding society is currently doing with this looney toon coco for cocoa puffs craps is going to back fire soon.

Either that or prove…


Jan 06, 2022

You sir, clearly do not have a grip on this subject. You are TELLING someone what they want instead of feeling it out. That was a leading conversation. That same kind of thing is what they used to do to women that were raped and then blamed for their own rape. DES (diethylstilbestrol) is a man-made (synthetic) form of estrogen, a female hormone. Look it up with regards to what it does to a fetus during the second stage of development. THEY GAVE THIS DRUG TO WOMEN PRONE TO MISCARRIAGES during fetal development from the 1930s until the mid '70s. when it was deemed the cause for anomalies with regards to gender and genitalia, even other deformities. All things LGBT are …

Scott Newgent
Scott Newgent
Jan 06, 2022
Replying to

My bad one more thing....If you have such a self righteous claim to this bullshit your spatter? Use your name, at least don't be an anonymous puss...You believe it? Own it, get a backbone or go bully some other person who won't challenge you.

Last, nucklebutt in case you didn't pick up on this, which I don't think you did...I am trans, I garrr oooo ttteeee you I can run circles around you with this logic you seem to care so deeply about.


Scott Newgent

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