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Documentary halting ALL Med-Transing Kids in SW Translated/NOT available to US Parents SCREAM Louder

This documentary has been banned in several countries, and the US has limited access. The video uploaded is the original with English translations. Download it and keep it. I do not doubt that I will be forced to take it down.

I say as often as I can that "We are witnessing the biggest medical scandal in modern history", for a reason. I believe it!

Big thank you to Iris El for translating and updating worldwide news regarding the medicalization of gender-confused kids for the profit of pharma.


Recently I saw myself in a differential diagnosis project that an American medical student shared on Twitter: “A mother brings her 15 year old daughter to the doctor. She is worried that her daughter is not developing normally. The 'patient' plays football, dresses in traditional boy's clothes and refuses to wear dresses. The daughter's teacher says the girl wants to use male pronouns at school. Her periods are regular, and she is otherwise healthy. The physical examination is unremarkable. What is the next step in this patient's treatment?”

The poor medical student chose "refer to a psychologist/psychiatrist." But that was "wrong." The "correct" answer was to "affirm" the girl and refer mother and daughter to various alphabet-mafia organizations. I was younger than this "patient," maybe 10 or 11 years old, when I wanted to be "George," because I was a big fan of Enid Blyton's Five Books, and I wanted to be like one of the protagonists. It never occurred to me or my parents that I was “queer” or gay. In my childhood neither schools nor parents believed that children's imaginations were reality, and my parents – if they even noticed my “George” period – did...nothing.

Fortunately. Today I could have ended up like "Leo", the 15-year-old featured in the Swedish National Television documentary “Trans Kids” (Swedish National TV report: Transbarnen: Tvärvändningen – With English subtitles). The film begins with the frightful news that Leo's parents have received regarding their youngest child, who has been complaining of constant body pain for months and has difficulty standing and walking.

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Leo was eleven years old when she told her parents she wanted to be a boy. They took her to the Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, where they were informed that "the sooner Leo starts puberty suppressing drugs, the better," despite the fact that no reliable research supported the “medical treatments” that Leo [and many other children] would receive at Karolinska. The few studies available were, in fact, of “extremely low…poor quality.”*

Leo has now been on puberty blockers for four years and her health is getting worse. “He was better for a while [after treatment began], but then his mental health deteriorated… He tried to take his own life several times...and he wasn't very old." Leo's family has received no information about the safety record or possible harm of anti-puberty drugs and hormones. "We couldn't understand why, we thought he would get better. Everyone said what brave parents we were...We thought we were doing the right thing."

Leo complains of pain daily, and her parents take her to Karolinska. Leo is now 15 years old and has been on puberty blockers and hormones for four years. Leo has difficulty standing and moving and complains of pain in shoulders, back and hips. Examination and tests reveal that Leo has osteoporosis and spinal vertebral damage and fractures, caused by the puberty blockers and hormones that prevent normal metabolism and absorption of minerals necessary for healthy skeletal growth and strength. Leo is also much shorter than her peers and will not grow more.

Leo’s mother Natalie: A healthy skeleton has been destroyed by this medicine…"We trusted the doctors.”

"We really don't know how long it's safe to give these drugs [puberty blockers and hormones] but two years is maybe defensible,” one of Karolinska experts is quoted in the film.

Puberty blockers and hormones actually have "serious side effects", and on May 1, 2021, The Karolinska Hospital bans all such treatments in minor children and reports itself to the Swedish Health Authorities for an investigation of the serious injury that children have suffered at its Transgender Youth Clinic.



In February 2022, The Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare announces that prescription of puberty blockers and other hormonal treatment to trans persons under the age of 18 will no longer be allowed in Sweden.

The significance of undergoing "medical" treatments based on "very low…poor quality" data and research is rarely discussed with patients and families. The rating "very low quality" means that the “negative effects of the treatment are quite certain.” For example, anti-puberty drugs and hormone treatments cause infertility, osteoporosis, increased risk of heart disease and risk of brain damage. Breast and genital removal are, of course, permanent. Other health risks are uncertain, but "the results of studies on the consequences of these treatments are alarming."**

24 year old woman post sex transition surgery. Her breasts have been removed, and a “neophallus” has been sewed onto the supra-pubic area. r/Transgender_Surgeries

Phalloplasty techniques: Forearm skin and flesh is harvested to construct a “neophallus” to be sewed on the patient’s suprapubic area.

We, who oppose the Trans ideology are often asked why we bother – and dare – to fight this religion. The answer is obvious. We are the mothers and parents of the Trans generation that the Trans cult wants to poison, castrate, and mutilate. If we do not fight for our children, truth and reality, no one else will.

Our children, however they want to "identify" themselves, are perfect. We don't give them TransHeroin, even if they say all the other kids get it. It doesn't matter if the drug dealers are ministers, members of Parliament, doctors, or Trans activists. And we don't much care if our children call us "transphobes”, haters and every bad name in the book. "That’s nice dear. Now go study."

Scott Newgent

One of my best friends, Scott Newgent, was 42 when he underwent sex reassignment surgery. He has been disabled ever since and has dedicated his life to fighting against youth sex transitions. Scott, who has three children, says "no" is one of the most important and under-utilized words in the parenting vocabulary. “You are not your child’s friend,” Scott says. “Your job is not to shield your kids from ‘feeling bad’. It is to protect your children from the consequences of their own worst impulses. And it’s a job at which we’re failing miserably.”

Iris EL

*[“Evidence for puberty blocking and cross-sex hormones is of ‘very low quality’ and ‘very low certainty’, which signals that the benefits of these interventions is highly unreliable. In contrast, several negative effects are quite certain.” NHS, National Institute for Health & Care Excellence, 2020”].

*“Reconsidering Informed Consent for Trans-Identified Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults”

Stephen B. Levine, E. Abbruzzese & Julia W. Mason

Pages 706-727 | Published online: 17 Mar 2022

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Scott Newgent

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