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C-6 Senators

FINALLY, We did it! We Are Being HEARD - 'STOP Transing Kids!' Keep it going! RETWEET Needed PLEASE!

I uploaded a live press conference yesterday on Twitter, which has gone viral. The press conference was in Ohio, where the local rep Gary Click has been run through the mud as a 'BIGOT' for fighting to STOP childhood medical transition. 'Let Them Grow' Bill.

I'm so sorry I don't have time to write in detail; I am heading to Florida for this event and more media. I had to stop mid-thought. I didn't have time.

Please grab whichever platform you use and tweet, post and SCREAM Louder! Getting the left media FINALLY reaching out. Don't let it die...Could you keep it going?

Thank you for the help I have received this week to allow me to keep SCREAMING Louder....



If you think my voice matter, help me use it and support today!

Next Week Missouri & Florida

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Scott Newgent

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