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Historic Week Had - Historic Week Coming in The Transing Children Debate - Pack A BAG-Road Trip

by Scott Newgent


I do not have much time to write; I need to prepare for a journey that begins tomorrow. A journey that will take me from one state to another, giving testimony and helping strategize. Currently, I will be working with 17 states to BAN childhood medical transition.

I have taken off 45 days from my real job, having faith that enough donations will come in to support my travels and my family as I give 100% to STOPPING the childhood medical transition of children. Quite a few states will be announcing bills this week, and it's going to be hectic. Next week starts with Missouri, and Kansas and ends with Indiana. The following week will be announced when these bills have hit the floor.

If you are able, please consider a donation. I will do this as long as I possibly can. The opposition is terrified of me and for good reason. I am using the gifts I was given to no longer make money is strategic sales, but rather save gender confused children.



MUST READ Articles of The Week!


This week I, along with many in the fight to stop childhood medical transition, came together powerfully, in a way we have not a scene but highly effective. Mario Presents from 'gays against groomers' hammered home the reality that the majority of the homosexual community is against the medicalization of children. Lucas, a new detranster to the scene, had me in tears, and Cat Cattinsion nailed her speech so much that I had to fight from jumping out of my seat and picking her up, twirling her around in delight.

I have been striving for the energy we had for over four years. We had everyone from every community, not just the conservative republicans; we had all! Super religious people spoke about being against homosexuality, and Mario and I nodded in appreciation for these brave souls to speak up; we accepted the difference and embraced their stance on transing kids knowing that saving children should come first. We were driven around by a couple that had been married for over 50 years and never spoken in depth with any homosexuals, and they were as gracious as we were in return. Mario and I prayed when requested, bowing our heads while the couple asked us questions to understand in places they had not previously. It was a community coming together to save children.


While our side was giving testimony, you could hear the chanting outside by hundreds of protesters SCREAMING about how we were bigots, yet the only tolerance on that day came from our side. The irony ran thick.

We began the day passing out hundreds of flyers about the realities of medical transition along with pictures as evidence of children being medically transitioned. Let's say we PISSED off the other side as every door they opened, every desk they sat down at, and every bathroom they entered had these glossy brochures distributed by a gay man, a lesbian/transman against the medicalization of children. No one could walk more than 30 feet without running into our flyers and flyers from 'Our Duty' given to us by Erin Friday.

The journey ended with hearing about the South Dakota bill being passed and the breaking point I had, unable to contain the tears of joy.

-Scott Newgent

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Rachel Brown
Rachel Brown
Feb 14, 2023

Bless you, friend ❤️💕 Bless you


I thought the clip of your testimony was very effective. At first, I couldn’t figure out what you meant when you said you would never see your grandchildren as you held up your arm. And then you explained why, and I realized, oh, yes, these infections are real and dangerous. The seriousness of your predicament sank in. I also enjoyed the touch of humor where you said you looked like Gillian Anderson. You covered a lot in that clip.


Iris E
Iris E
Feb 13, 2023

Be careful, Fearless Leader!


Feb 12, 2023

God bless you and keep you safe now and always. You are a true hero for all children.


You are amazing, Scott. Keep it going! Donation incoming!


Scott Newgent

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