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Hit Forward If It Hits Your Soul! *Banned * Banned * Banned Again!




I have been SCREAMING as a transman for four years to STOP medically transitioning children. Within that time, I have been banned on Twitter five times, had forty-two Facebook suspends, and YouTube Video Channel Bans...I can go on and on.

Whenever I get banned, I lose all my followers and have to start a new one. Each time it gets harder and harder to gain followers, to get to people who need to know the truth about childhood medical transition.

Thirty-two days after the documentary by Matt Walsh that I was interviewed in, 'What is a woman?' My Twitter blew up once again the fourth time, BANNED!

No reason was given!

This speech in LA was sliced into a TIK TOK video by a recent college graduate majoring in marketing. She started a TIK TIK with my name and posted videos. Instantly my name got warnings, silly stuff.

A week before my speech in Nashville with Matt Walsh, my media manager had uploaded 30 seconds of this speech, and it had over two million views in six days and over twenty thousand followers in less than a week.

After my speech in Nashville, the TIKTOK account clicked in thousands of followers a minute.

.....32 minutes after my speech in Nashville?

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Jan 20, 2023

As a 74-year old mother of two, I'm cheering your weary but inspired soul onward.


Scott Newgent

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