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I Became A Believer By, Transman Scott Newgent - Most Powerful Post W/Video

Updated: May 30, 2022

I want you to imagine the one thing that you have done in your life that no one knows about, the one thing that would burn you to the ground in embarrassment if people found out, the one thing you keep safely hidden from everyone, including your partner, the one thing you could NEVER tell anyone? Take that one thing and sit in front of a camera and tell millions, not just tell but peel your chest, the pain, raw and real, knowing that the only way people will get it, understand it? You have to not just talk about it...You have to bring people along with you, and to do that is the most intimate thing you have ever done.

Now imagine the camera, again...millions.

When you are good and freaked out, think about losing everything you have ever worked for, your career, your wife, your status, your everything monetarily and imaging paying your own money to be there in front of that camera, the secret, the embarrassment you not only lost everything you paid money to be in that chair? Imagine sitting in that chair; you knew your career in business sales...Gone, your chance to gain any of that back...Gone, knowing you have thrown any little sliver of your past life...POOF...Gone...But you still sit there in front of that camera. Now take the attacks from dozens of people in the 2.7 years and know what you received was just the icing, knowing the worst is coming. But you do it anyway! Why? Because it's the right thing to do!

This is me....Next Wednesday.

I have always known what it will take to stop the travesty of children's medicalization; I've always been gifted with the knowledge of getting people to open their eyes to see things differently. I spent 20 years wasting this gift, making money for what? Helping build corporations profit, assisting others to learn the skill of making things clear, helping people to a different understanding...For what...Money?

I have learned that death? Death is imminent, but life? What I, you make of life? When I pass, will I say I did UNTIL as my grandad taught me? Will I be able to say, "I passed the test Grandad," will he await me with a successful smile? This has become my new quest with my gift.

Please don't make this not NOT! Start SCREAMING too...Join in the fight to stop childhood medical transition. Get your SCREAMING shirt and aaaaa start to ROAR.

...We have some kids to save, can I get an, "AMEN!"

I'm not religious but that felt like a right close....Here we go Ya'll

Scott Newgent/Kellie Ellen King - Daughter Of Scott & Cindy King & Granddaughter To My Superman Bill Newgent - "Until"

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May 28, 2022

Thank you for putting yourself out there & fighting. I am so grateful for your efforts, honesty & courage.


Scott Newgent

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