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Live -'My child you're not trans, you are different & different is a SUPERPOWER' Speech

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

TReVoices Is the Leading The World Wide Charge To STOP The Travesty Of 'Medically Transitioning' Gender Confused Kids! Support Us Today - Donate

Here you go, the "You're Not Trans My Child, You Are Different & Different Is A SuperPower Speech! I didn't do very well; it was hard for me to get in front of people; my health confidence is incredibly low from all the trauma from the last years. However, I did it, fat, bald and ugly...still did it because 'different kids' deserve us to adult better and save them from the jaws of the greedy health industry butchering them, mind, body and soul. I also received some threats and have decided to partner with a company for protection; this is nuts how crazy people are. But, never question, all of us are witnessing the most significant medical scandal in modern history!

It was great to meet everyone working so hard for these kids, people from all walks of life. Guess what? I listened to all the speeches and some people I disagreed with on essential topics, but I stayed; I spoke regardless of our beliefs, not aligning 100%. I do that because the only way to STOP the medicalization of gender-confused kids is to join forces we 'believe' is the enemy. All of that is so childish anyhow. I have never been in politics, and one of the first things I realize is how incredible immature everyone is! Right/Left BS

Listen, I have said this for three years, and I mean it. As long as we act like two-year-olds refusing hands, the longer society will believe transing kids is about human rights, the longer children will be butchered. The only way to STOP society from thinking this is a human rights issue is when we all come together, releasing the bigot word, and facts can come out. The facts tell us that medical transition is no place for a child.

  1. Frank McCormick of Chalkboard Heresy

  2. former Gubernatorial candidate and father of five Jesse Sullivan Waukesha Wisconsin Moms for Liberty Chair Scarlett Johnson

  3. Attorney General Candidate Thomas DeVore

  4. Republican Candidate for Governor of Illinois Darren Bailey

  5. Billboard Chris Elston

  6. Scott Newgent

-Scott Newgent

Written Speech Below

My name is Scott Newgent, and I am a 49yearold transgender man. A woman who took synthetic hormones and had surgery to create an illusion of a male for comfort = Transman. It seems to be the go-to of fascination, right? Oh, how interesting, a trans person. But, the most important thing to me? My three children.

At 42, I became engulfed in the enormous Unicorn Fart Glitter Bomb that the LGBTQ (Alphabet Mafia) community is selling to the world. The idea that you can change your sex, that it's easy to do, that it cures all theills of people who do not fit into the structure of what society tells us is “normal”; that entices children at a time in their childhood when even the kids that “fit” perfectly – the attractive, intelligent, athletic, dominant, alpha charming, comes-from-a-beauty-family boy and a gorgeous, intelligent, adorable submissive, always-sweet, ultra feminine girls feel awkward, ostracized, and alone.

And then there are the children that genuinely don't fit – the autistic kids, the same-sex attracted kids, the abused kids, mentally ill kids, gifted kids, musically talented, artistically talented. You know, the…different kids. If you have one of these children, you know, as a parent, you wear your heart on your sleeve every day, helicopter-parenting your child, reassuring them, telling them over and over and over that WEIRD, that “differrent”..."is great, my child, it is a blessing, weird and different are hard during childhood, but my child, find me one person who ever did anything significant who wasn't just like you. You, my child, have a gift…”Yet, the middle school hormones and environment tell them, repeatedly, that they 'don't fit’ at a time when fitting in is the only thing we want. I was one of those kids.

Now, their friends, our schools, the internet, and social media strategically target them with a narrative: "Look, there is a cure! I'm trans!" Instantly, the cool kids, the internet, parents, the media, doctors, and mental health professionals bring them a solution with a shining light: You can fit; you just need to transition medically!”

And so the hook is set.....At 42, I came to a place of vulnerability in my life; I was in love with a fantastic woman who refused to be who she was: a lesbian and soothed herself with the idea that she was in love with me because of my male energy, the strength that had characterized me my entire life, the “alpha female” we say we appreciate, but we really do not, and of which I was painfully aware from my earliest memories, and still there at 42, a success defined by our society.

After my first therapy session, I began to wonder if I too was born in the wrong body., Within four minutes of our first session, the transwoman therapist asked me – how long had I dressed like a man, which I had not; I was a business sales executive. If you can believe it, I was wearing heels, makeup, and earrings. This one sentence, said to me at the age of 42, shattered my world and instantly reduced me to a child. I was not just embarrassed, I was mortified. Apparently I had been going through life “passing”; people, unbeknownst to me, were whispering to each other, "That's Kellie; yeah, he doesn't know he's a man. Idiot!" Mortified.

I followed up this session with a gynecologist to look into hormones, and the second medical professional said, "Your jaw, it's......hmmmm.... have you ever been tested for intersex?" Whatthe?..............OMG....OMG, this point, I was high on unicorn farts and glitter bombs, and no one was going to take that from me. At 42, I had found the key, and nobody was going to tell me differently.

At 42, I was told I could change my sex; I was told it was easy, I was told it was a cure, I was told what all these kids are being told at an age when we are most susceptible to all if this. But I was 42, a successful, ball-busting business sales executive, and everything I touched at that time in my life became gold...any man who entered into the sales arena...I whooped them all over the office for everyone to see.......I was a winner, I had everything...but I could not fight what the medical and mental health industry told me: "You were born in the wrong body!"

Your kids don't have a chance, my friends.

Thus I began to medically transition, which has included seven surgeries, a massive pulmonary embolism that induced a stress heart attack, a 17-month recurring infection that almost killed me; 27 rounds of antibiotics, months-long IV antibiotics, sleep-deprived hallucinations, six inches of hair on the inside of my urethra, which induced so much pain from the infection and the hair digging into the urethral walls that I suffered PTSD, bound in my home and rarely able to leave, and left me with a handicapped arm. I was dying. In the process, I lost my house, my home, my career, savings, car, everything.

I spent 17 months researching, trying to save my own life, and in the process, I found out what most people don't know. Medical transitioning is experimental at best, and we have no clue what my future is or what your children's future will be.

But I did find out what we do know about that medical transition.

After 17 months of living with a chronic infection, I had a sic tube in my arm rendering IV antibiotics daily for over a month, unsuccessfully treating the infection. I will never forget this morning. I passed out in my bathroom from pain while urinating, and I woke up covered with my blood and urine. At that point I gave up. I not only accepted that I would die; I felt relief. I yearned for it. I had lost my little job, my car was being repossessed, I was being evicted, and I had nothing left. At this point, I knew there was not just a chance I would die; I knew I was going to die, and it wasn't going to be a long wait....I took a deep breath in and out and felt RELIEF... I felt relieved!

Until I thought about my children, the three babies I had brought into this world, the three babies with whose lives I had been entrusted. My babies needed me. A movie reel played inside my head, showing me my children's lives after I was gone. In an instant, what was relief turned into a guttural wail, a howl to God, begging for my life. I begged, I cried, I pleaded, and offered my life in exchange for my children’s. I made a promise out loud to God, to the Universe, to whatever or whomever we call the force we all know is there yet no one understands – although many think they do. In exchange, my life was spared, to save my children, and at that instant doors opened that had been closed earlier that morning. My recovery was almost immediate with the help of a surgeon I found soon after.

What we should be doing is talking to our children:

"Son, just because you are attracted to boys doesn't make you a girl."

"Daughter, just because you are attracted to girls doesn't make you a boy."

My child, just because you have autism doesn't mean you need to cure or change anything; you have the power to think differently. Look at all the autistic people who created/invented and changed the world. If they didn't have autism, they would have never achieved that greatness.

My child, just because you were abused as a child doesn't mean there is anything wrong with you.Yes, your abusers were terrible, but you are precisely who you are supposed to be, and you are still perfect. Your abuser needs to change, not you, son. Let me help you heal and show you how to do that.

My child, you are bipolar/depressed or have anxiety, and the first place you will go to in your head is the last place you should. First, show me one human that is mentally 100% well. Just because a person has not been diagnosed with a mental illness doesn't mean they are not “crazy” too, it means it hasn’t yet been diagnosed ; we are all crazy in our own way… But look look look look at all the most extraordinary people in history who have suffered from mental disorders.

All these kids who are being medically transitioned are suffering from being “different,” have a comorbidity, and you as society should be terrified that we are allowing the medical industry to not only lie to the most vulnerable persons in our society for profit, but to rip their health away from them, shackling them to be forever medical prisoners in need of hormones for a process that has had every study EVER study that said it was beneficial retracted….

Think about that. Only seven studies that said transing kids was a medical cure miracle Every study…..Helped…..Retracted….yet these studies are the studies that remain in brochures in every gender clinic in the country used to soothe parents' if they show concern.

Think about: The fact that WPATH the so called “transgender baseline for care has never held up in a court of law anywhere in the world because it’s experimental, all of it, except for top surgery and none of you listening today? None of you would be able to sue if your child develops issues because of reckless doctors.

Think about: The fact that the only long term study done from 1973-2003 following 324 medically transitioned people became the most suicidal, not before the “Better an alive daughter than a dead son?” Hogwash, that’s not the highest point of suicidal ideations? Not before medical transition it’s seven to ten years after.

Think about: The fact that we are seeing boys who took puberty blockers as children are developing early onset osteoporosis. We are finding girls' spines are not fusing together, and that was the main reason thatSweden’s largest gender clinic – at one of the world’s most preeminent teaching hospitals, the Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm – was shut down . The fact that we are seeing hearts and lungs the size of 12 year olds at 19 stunting their physical capacity for life, 12% higher psychosis rate, transmen in early 20’s developing heart disease we see in men in their 50’s, reproduction gone, even if they detrans.

Medical transition doesn’t fix anything, but it’s a great business model for the pharmaceutical industry, plastic surgeons, and business people buildindg gender clinics at such a rapid pace you wouldn’t believe me if I told you the numbers. Medical transition trashes your health from what we do know, but what we don’t know is the frightening thing because it’s experimental.

I wish I had more time to bullet point all of these. If I did you would feel a rage grow inside of you that would over take your ability to control your reaction, and I guarantee if you read them in detail you would stand up and flip the desk over shouting, “NO…..”

But medical transition creates a $1.3 million dollar recurring revenue channel for pharma, a guaranteed need even if these kids decide to detrans because 100% complete medical ranstiong? These kids will need synthetic hormones for life. This doesn’t include surgery and one surgery, just one without complications cost me $257,000. I have the proof and in total we are tipping at 1.1 million dollars in my medical expenses.

What if we change our word tracks to the truth and tell these kids.....

Being different? It's fantastic; it's a superpower, an opportunity, a gift, light, an honor; it's what every great person who ever lived was, and they embraced it. Let me help you learn to embrace it too because, my child, you are not are different and being different is a SUPER POWER……

...................You, me, everyone here today from every community, has an obligation to step outside your comfort zones and do what I call SCREAM, and SCREAM loud, because medical transition is not about love, or human rights it’s about the oldest greed of man since the beginning of time…Money!

So all walks of life, concervative, liberal, straight, homosexual, women, men, feminists, republican, democrates, chiristans, atheiests grab hands becais this right belongs to not one part of society or one party of idealism it does not. To stop this we have to grab all hands, adult better and SCREAM louder, in unison with a parental SCREAM that shakes the earth taking a huge breath in together as one and SCREAMING as loud as we can without reservations that,

“Medical Transition is no place for a child!”




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Aug 19, 2022

Everyone should read this and it should peak anyone who reads it. Yet I know there will be those who refuse to peak. They want to continue huffing the Unicorn Fart Glitter Bomb at all costs.


Aug 19, 2022

ABSOLUTELY Awesome, job, Scott! Incredibly intelligent and brave. Thank you!


Brittney Zarwel
Brittney Zarwel
Aug 18, 2022

Scott, you did GREAT! What you said, how you said it, gave me chills & had me nodding along in agreement & almost applauding while sitting at my daughter's gymnastics class. 💜


concerned parent
concerned parent
Aug 18, 2022

You are truly one of the bravest people I know !!

Scott Newgent
Scott Newgent
Aug 19, 2022
Replying to

That looks like a dad.


Scott Newgent

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