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Martin Luther King, Martina Navratilova & a Huge Unhealthy/Unathletic Loudmouth Man

Today is an important day to celebrate and reflect, 'Martin Luther King Day.' The introspection of Martin Luther King, what he accomplished, believed in, and fought for, sits differently in my heart than ever in my 50 years. My mood is not my usual "SCREAM Louder,' but rather beaten down as I try to decipher why my emotions and contemplations are a cause for not wanting to celebrate anything today, but instead fighting the emotions needed to throw my hands up and say, "forget this." Of course, I won't. Stopping the medicalization of gender-confused children is not an option; there is no grey area, and I will fight until all children are safe. But the emotions caused me to turn inward on why they are not in line with the day as they should be.


The impact Dr King had on activism and how we sit with differences today without a turn of the back or the slight of a fist, but rather to talk together for all to have an equal voice and power regardless of the message, a non-violent presentation of a message was a different message at the time. It took someone like Dr King to deliver it to help society understand the blind spot created by hate, violence and only listening to one side of any argument can render.

"A Riot Is the Language of the Unheard."
-Martin Luther King

Social media has changed the way we communicate entirely. Suppose you analyze the changes in the last ten years. In that case, it starts to make sense why we are here right now, butchering children, why the ignorant of society cheers, not just cheers but visceral contempt for others who understand what the clueless are uneducated upon?

A vision of Martina Navratilova, the best female tennis player to ever live, came to mind as I wrote that sentence. I imagined a portly unathletic, never picked up a tennis racket in his life, a sloth of a man arguing with Martina on how to dominate as a net player in tennis. Martina listening in complete shock as the man's passion and belief emanated from every word and inflexion, rendering her speechless. This man believed in his soul that he knew how to be a better net player than Martina, and a thought came to my mind as I focused in on this vision.

"Where do you go from there, Martina? Where do you go from there?"

I have been banned from all social media platforms over and over again. Each ban requires a start over, losing hundreds of thousands of followers and the golden cup of what MOST are after in today's new world of activism and social media. The golden crown of becoming monetized. Opinioned people are being paid to tell everyone what they think. Heaven on earth for opinioned people, right?

Remember it all starts with not fitting in Puberty blockers & cross-sex hormones do not treat an emotional hole that comes from feeling like you don't belong. If your child tells you they are trans what they are really saying is, "Mom, help me I don't feel like I fit anywhere!"


We are adaptive animals, and if someone has an end goal of becoming monetized, they learn quickly to refrain from saying certain things that will lose their social media accounts and the followers that go with it. On the other side, they learn what to say that gains the followers they seek, tailoring thoughts and opinions for the all-mighty dollar and not the benefit of society. No longer is activism filled with righteous people with genuine hearts, speaking from the soul about things they believe in or would die for; a fire from within for activism is today a rarity.

Without being aware, we have been driven to an entirely different way; we consume information, process thoughts and how we deliver opinions on the trials and tribulations of today's world. This new information exchange system has another golden ticket to making even more money by giving people who pay enough the power to cancel information or people they desire.

We are in a dangerous place as a society, with media cancelling people and social media manipulating things so dangerously that it leaves gigantic blind spots, information deleted and needed information for people to understand what decisions they need to make for the well-being of their children. This alone should terrify you, all of us. We are butchering an entire generation of gender-confused children under the guise of love. If that's not a clue of a blind spot, I don't know what is. You cannot, on any level, have a conversation with something which understands the significance of medical transition and the carnage it is rendering and have any person with an IQ of 70 and above walk away still believing medically transition children is about love.

I do not have any answers to my questions, and I am mortified that so many times in my life, I did not do the right things, the hard things opting for the easy way out. But not today, and with this message. Social media? Keep banning me, but I will not change what I am saying or how I am saying it because parents need to know the truth, and some things do NOT overshadow money or fame; some things rise above and for me, children do just that.

-Scott/Kellie Newgent

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17 janv. 2023

"We are in a dangerous place as a society, with media cancelling people and social media manipulating things so dangerously that it leaves gigantic blind spots, information deleted and needed information for people to understand what decisions they need to make for the well-being of their children. This alone should terrify you, all of us." AMEN!!! yes, your words are spot on!! This should terrify us. We need to speak up and stand firm in the truth of freedom of expression and protection from the vile forces making huge sums of money on violating our children. Where are the parents? Why isn't there outrage about the common idiot curriculum being taught in schools. Let's get our kids OUT of pu…


17 janv. 2023

I agree with what you're saying, except I don't agree with using heavy people as a metaphor for bad behavior. As a large disabled person, I get so tired of people using my size as an excuse to treat me like garbage.

Scott Newgent
Scott Newgent
17 janv. 2023
En réponse à

I thought about that after I wrote it and decided to leave it in. We are all so sensitive. My apologies if it offended you, not my intention. Trying to illustrate a point, never


17 janv. 2023

Hello Scott - Your mission, because you have chosen to accept it, is to continue speaking out on this issue as long as you have air in your lungs. Pay no heed to the evidence of your senses regarding backlash, banning, financial difficulties or how often little tiny brains challenge your work. You really have no idea what is happening behind the scenes or how many lives you are impacting with your energy and work. Never underestimate the power of God to do the impossible. He often works in secret, (and sometimes, to our wearied perception, seemingly delaying) but promises an open reward.


17 janv. 2023

This is something that MUST be kept at the forefront of the political debate. This is NOT partisan, but TRUTH. We MUST continue to band together and SCREAM LOUDER!!!


Scott Newgent

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