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More! When is more going to be enough? Another Trans/Detrans "DON'T Trans Kid Are You Fu%^ing Nuts?"

I came upon this thread after @TheBaconProject David Bacon reached you to me asking how he can help get the word out about the realities of medical transition, why it's experimental and why it more defiantly is not for kids.

I came upon this thread after @TheBaconProject David Bacon reached you to me asking how he can help get the word out about the realities of medical transition, why it's experimental and why it more defiantly is not for kids. I say to every trans/detrans, "Write Something, be venerable and tell a story about your experience. Understand that if you do this for any ot

her purpose than to help people, it will end badly, but if you want to help? Peal your chest open and be real!":

Here is David's Story; he expressed his story through Twitter. You can follow

David's Twitter

David Wrote:

I watched the doc from Matt Walsh. A real eye opener. What can I do to help? I took the HRT and Puberty blockers at 20 and this is what it did to my legs after 7yrs. If you look closely you see the oxygen sucked out of my skin. That's what the spots are. It damn near killed me too cuz it caused massive blood clots in my body.

...I've been afraid to show my true side for along time. I've finally come to terms with what has happened to my body and realized THE PARENTS need to see this the most. So below this comment will be a pic of my legs. Here's my short story.... ...I was 20 when I started Puberty blockers and 2 weeks later I was taking Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) pills. I hate needles bc I've had 9 open heart surgeries. Born with a heart defect. So I never did the injections. About 2yrs in I was turning into a the image of a woman... ...I mentioned to the Planned Parenthood doc that I was having some trouble with having energy for a full days work. But she shrugged if off and didn't request any tests. I went to my cardiologists and they told me to just be alert. Nothing to worry about. All this done in S.F...

...Let's jump to my 7th yr in transition. I was feeling fatigued more and more every yr. By the 7th, I developed massive blood clots and was oxygen deprived. I was rushed to the S.F. hospital and had to go under for my 9th open heart surgery. The doc said... ..."We can save you but you'll need to atop taking your transition medicine for the rest of your life. You will be male again. Or you have 2 weeks to live. We'd prefer you to live as it's our code but you need to make that choice."... ...So, under pressure, life or death situation, I've died before. Many times actually; on the operating table. I then realized the difference in life and death. Death is the easy way, life is the hard way. So I chose LIFE...

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...Now, I understand and know first hand want this can do to someone's mental health. I went through a "stay shaved" phase for about a yr after just to figure out what to do with my life. It's my life, my responsibility. Well, as you can see after 3yrs going on 4yrs. I found myself... ...Not everyone is like me. I'm the only one who can be me, like you're the only one who can be you. Idc what you identify as. I just known the mental gymnastics I had to go through and now looking back, how stupid it was for me to force someone to do something they don't believe in... ...So why am I sharing this now? Bc the internet is fooling you like it fooled me. If they can get me at 20 with this BS sterilization drugs meant for castrating pedophiles. Do you really think your kids are safe at school? There's reports of children as young as 12 taking this stuff.. ...WARNING The pic might be graphic for some. This is what it did to me. Those spots are oxygen deprivation. Skin that has lost oxygen. Meaning, it's hard for me to walk long distances and my feet begin to hurt. I'll be 31 in July this yr. This isn't reversible Help us stop childhood medical transition - Donate Today

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20 giu 2022

Hormones have destroyed my child's life, not improved it. She is not "ok", she is not "better", or happier or even remotely "whole". I wish I could sue the medical association, both physicians and therapists, for the life they destroyed with their lies & harm. Shame on ALL of them. Every. Damn. One.

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20 giu 2022

Very brave for sharing, David!

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20 giu 2022

I just love you Scott

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Scott Newgent

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