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C-6 Senators

Not Saying 'No' because of funds & missing work. No more! I am pivoting into the "Yes Transman!"

I am tired of saying 'No' because of funds and missing work. No more!

I am pivoting into the "Yes, Transman!" I hate asking for donations, but I am not a superwoman; I need help to save these kids.


Senator Kathleen Kauth called me this morning and said she needed help with her House Bill LB574. I said, "Yes", and decided I would have faith that the money would come. As I type this, I get another email from the Kansas Senator within minutes.

Right now, I am helping thirteen states working to Ban Childhood Medical Transition from the sidelines. I weave in my time between my full-time job, my children, TReVoices, and it's halfway! I don't do it halfway, so I told my boss this morning that I am taking 60 days off, concentrating 100% on these bills. I am convinced that my family will be ok, and the truth will prevail! My new boss is fantastic and said, "You need to do this, Scott; your job will be here when you get back in 60 days!"

I called Mario from 'gays against groomers, and here we come (if we can get the funding)...If you have not seen Mario speak? You need to! Incredible speaker.


The rainbow is fighting the rainbow, FINALLY! I have been SCREAMING about this for four years, but I am waiting no longer. Here we come...The RAINBOW stands with conservative, republican Christians, Liberals, straight, all communities TOGETHER as one to save all of our children from PHARMA!

Mario Presents & Trans Scott Newgent 'What is a woman' Live Feb 8th Nebraska House Bill LB574. Nebraska is in for a surprise filled with truth as we sift through the unicorn farts to the fact that the truth is that "Medical Transition Is Not For Children!' Mario & Scott are Roaming the Nebraska Capital Halls, stopping every senator as they enter the building

...Powerful stuff

Could you help us get there?

Help us get a 'Gays Against Groomers Truck' to join the party.


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Jayne Freeman
Jayne Freeman
01 feb 2023

This is a great idea Scott - it's like a sabbatical! You are needed more than ever out in the battle fields, so this really sounds like the right thing to do. I just wonder if you will ever go back to 9 - 5 life when you are a Screaming Advocate at your core!

Me gusta

What a great boss and what a leap of faith you have taken. Praying all the funds will come in and that the bills will pass!! THANK YOU for fighting for our children...I am so grateful!

Me gusta

Scott Newgent

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