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Trans Scott Newgent "What is a Woman" Interview? The Whole Story -"Igniting A Fire

A promise kept! - A Speech Given In France - Translated to a blog post!

When I was asked to speak to parents and gender-confused kids today, I was so excited! I immediately began jotting down all the reasons why medical transition is not for kiddos, but I quickly put my pen down. I realized - that repeating facts doesn't help people understand the truth. What does help people understand is life explained within a story riddled with experience. Now, I've enjoyed a good life, a powerful job with all the usual trappings. But I'm not here to share a success story with you. I'm going to tell you my true to life story


...… I'm going to tell you a horror story.

My name is Scott Newgent, and I am a 49-year-old trans man. In 2016, I underwent medical transition during which I endured seven surgeries; a stress-induced heart attack, a massive Pulmonary Embolism, 17 months of recurring bacterial infection; fourteen rounds of oral antibiotics, one month of daily IV antibiotics; a handicapped arm, several hospitals stays, two ambulance rides and one helicopter life flight, when I was wheeled past my children, who were screaming to the paramedics, pleading with them, pulling on their shirts and begging them not to let me die, imploring with me not die and me not able to catch my breath to tell them I heard them, and I was not going anywhere!

I lost my wife, home, car, and everything I had ever worked for, bouncing from Emergency room to Emergency Room, without meeting with a single medical professional who had the slightest understanding of how to treat me, much less cure me. After spending long sleepless nights, a tenacious young female surgeon found the problem. I had six inches of hair erroneously on the inside of my urethra and had to endure another surgery. I was in such excruciating pain during this time that sleep only came in two-hour increments, induced by a few shots of vodka, which filled my existence with hallucinations and frequent loss of consciousness. I couldn't tolerate it anymore. My body refused to take any more pain, only to awake awash in my urine and blood.

Now, those are the facts, but here is a story:

Dr Marci Bowers the infamous trans surgeon of Jazz Jennings that has just come out about the shoddiness of trans health.....What so many have been SCREAMING about for years. Trans health is experimental, it's not for kids, so on!


Shop For Apparel & SCREAM or Donate So


Do you think she experienced empathy or conscience for what she has been doing for more than a decade or was it because she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar?

Recently I taped an upcoming documentary in New York about medically transitioning children. Well, well, guess who also interviewed for the same feature. You guessed it, Dr Marci Bowers. Dr Bowers is an "innovator in gender confirmation/affirmation surgery" who works out of California's San Mateo Surgery Center.

That interview took place about three weeks before Dr Bowes revelation of, "Yeah, trans health is shoddy, and it's not for kids." When asked whether children in the early stages of puberty should be put on blockers, Bowers said: "I'm not a fan." But weeks prior? Dr Bowers had been igniting unicorn farts filming the same documentary I was in, countering her unicorn farts, initiating transgender ideology and mauling the idea that somehow medical transition is suitable for kids. "Kids will commit suicide; we have to affirm immediately"

—glitter bombs—"puberty blockers are safe," followed by more glitter grenades and unicorns gallivanting from one cloud to another.

Yet a mere three weeks later, when she was asked if she still thought puberty blockers were a good idea, from a surgical perspective, she said: "This is typical of medicine. We zig, and then we zag, and I think maybe we zigged a little too far to the left in some cases." She added, "I think there was naivete on the part of pediatric endocrinologists who were proponents of early [puberty] blockade thinking that just this magic can happen, that surgeons can do anything." Dr Bowers was asked whether she believed WPATH had welcomed a wide variety of doctors' viewpoints — including those concerned about risks, sceptical of puberty blockers, and maybe even critical of some of the surgical procedures?

"There are definitely people who are trying to keep out anyone who doesn't absolutely buy the party line that everything should be affirming and that there's no room for dissent," Bowers said. "I think that's a mistake.

Why the sudden change of heart doctor and why now? What people don't know is that the documentary that was shot in New York? It was explosive, life-changing for everyone in the room.

Shortly after the interview in I received this note from the producer, "Scott, your story, experience and advice have so much power behind it. You've changed my world and perspective, and I'm continuing to share it further with those I meet."

Every question the interviewer asked of me, and every answer and objection I gave, I threw so far out of the field that it was impossible to recover from whatever opinion or phase directed at me. I picked up every objection, wrestled it to the ground, hogtied it, and it was embarrassing to watch the glass walls of the transgender ideology mansion shatter to the ground, along with each pathetic attempt to put me in my place. Have you ever seen a child with their hand in the cookie jar, and they know they have nowhere to go, no way to explain it. What happens? Apologies right? Bingo! I was on fire; I had never experienced anything like it before. It was as if my mind had lined up the most compelling arguments like they were placed in precisely the most effective way to say, "That is not true; this is, and here's why." I've always had a way with words, but this was a completely different experience.

I am very open about my own transition experience because it's the only way to get someone to listen. I am told that my vulnerability gives me 10. If I have 10 minutes of neutral time to speak sense to someone without the interruption of unicorn farts and glitter bombs, no one walks away believing medically transitioning children is a good idea. But this vulnerability—this place I have to go to get people to listen? It's hard on me, and I will not lie; it knocks me for a loop.

But something else happened that day in the studio.

I lost it.

You see, I have not shared with many people that in three years, because of the constant vulnerability I feel, I have left my home less than ten times, and only for emergencies or to ride my motorcycle, for which my kids buy gasoline.


The happy, lighthearted salesmanship of "medical transition" and its blunt reality do most certainly not match up. Doctors and medical transition proponents don't prepare you for transition-related post-traumatic stress disorders; they don't mention Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or any of the multiple hardships such as the ones I experienced because it is considered transphobic! You should know that the number of patients who experience PTSD following transitions is disturbingly high. I bet you didn't know that! But it is a fact that you must be aware of.

The experience that I wrote about in Newsweek - about the promise I made to the universe, god, and whomever - was real. It happened, and my children are tied to that promise. I wanted to be here for my kids, and I knew my life would be over if I didn't find my heart. All those years ago, lying on my bathroom floor in excruciating pain, that's when I found my heart. I cannot turn down any request that will save kids from this. Ask any parent who's ever reached out to me to help someone in trouble, and I'm there faster than a genie in a transported bottle.

"You rang."

When the phone call came regarding the offer to go to New York? My kids heard me talking about it, and they know me; they know about my promise and know my personality.

"Fake it till you make it, kids,"

"That's awesome. You failed means you are that much closer to winning if you keep going."

Up until medical transitioning?

All these sayings were ingrained in me. I had earned them; I was a winner; I earned the title. These sayings are now irritating reminders of who I used to be and who I'm fighting to get back.

Long story short, this was the most challenging thing I have ever had to do in my life, and I'm serious. I even walked up the stairs at the hotel in New York trying to avoid my kids, so I could call and cancel the interview. My daughter was on the 4th floor in the stairway, knowing what I didn't realize I would do. Arms folded, she looked 48 years old, and I was 14! She grabbed my hand and rattled off one of my now old irritating sayings; her? Eyes rolling as she said, "You always tell me that anxiety is about being alive, and here you are; congrats, you are alive, Dad. Now turn around; you can do this. You made a promise. What is that going to say to me if you quit?"......" Aw..." I waved my hands and repeated the infamous phrase I used to tell myself all the time,

"That's too far; I get the point, Gooia Gelf, I was just getting my coat, I wasn't going to cancel, geez Julia,"

"Oh, so now you have started to lie to your kids now, huh?"

We laughed, and this time she waited with me for the uber, and off I went!

So that day had much more than just another pealing of my chest. It was, as I said, the one thing I have wanted to run from so severely, and the only thing that could make me go through with it were my kids. During those three days, my kids parented me, lifting me with catchphrases and holding me accountable with love.

As the cameras rolled, I felt it inside; I knew I was about to lose it. Since all of this happened, I had not lost it with very few tears - very unlike me. Before all of this, I cried watching Hallmark commercials, but on this day, I felt it welling up, and the connection I had with overcoming objections; the technique was effortless, but as the interview concluded, I looked around the room, and a sense of victory came over me. Each complaint won effortlessly.

As a business salesperson, a presenter, my whole life, I have learned how to inflect my voice the tone, passion, mix invulnerability and logic smooth, softball to throw out to help people understand my message. Conveying a feeling is an art form, and I have studied it my entire life, watching faces as they change with each word and delivery is given success or failure. Emotion is not a grey area; it's black or white. Did you convey what you meant to convey?

…. Did you move people to change their position? Did you make THEM FEEL, Kellie?

The hardest thing to do is to change a viewpoint on a product. A product to go from this service to the exact same service with a different logo is tough, but you do not have to overcome decades of social injustice to do so. Changing a viewpoint on a religious, cultish, illiberal propaganda dangerous to our democracy, our children's health, and women, and erroneously and deviously packaged as a civil right issue is not easy. It's dangerous work, but someone has got to do it. This is wrapped up in societal issues tied to the one channel leading donations worldwide. The LGBTQ has too much power, and no one questions them, and we have allowed a generation of children to be mutilated because of it? The LGBTQ is embraced as the white horse right now, doing no wrong. But the truth will come out. Parents are slowly waking up the madness with which the media handles the subject, to New York Times writers discussing breast binders and irreversible damage to young women's bodies with the divine righteousness of a Chinese footbinder.

But on that day in New York, it all came together; the pain I had endured suddenly meant something remarkable; it gave me a weapon I have honed my entire life, not understanding that all of it, all of everything endured was to be there at that moment to help people understand what we are doing to children is very wrong. The pain and loss gave me the perfect emotional ball to change people that day who needed to be changed. As the cameras began to wind down, a sudden rush came over me, and I knew I had done it right; I had sold the emotion. As the camera lights turned red, I could no longer control it or hide from it and lost it. I burst into tears without warning. My hands covered my face like I was trying to push the tears back inside.

I had just delivered a speech of the most potent kind.

A lesson that you not only believe in but one you would die for. That was how I felt, and I didn't realize how important it was to me. All of it. The tears streaming down my cheeks were not how I felt; I felt relief at knowing I succeeded on that day. I didn't realize I had taken this on my shoulders, these kids, all these kids, the parents, the nights of consolation, the shame, the embarrassment, the part I played in the disaster of trans ideology. At that moment, I realized I knew I could change people, but I didn't know if I had the heart. But I proved to myself on that day that indeed I did have the heart. My three hearts were waiting for me back at the hotel room, unable to leave the room knowing that I needed to see all three of them, and I did, the three that meant everything to me in the same way your children mean everything to you.

I left no room for anyone to go anywhere on that day but to understand what we are doing to kids is very wrong and how every one of us must make it right. As I lifted my head, I met all the eyes on me, and they all looked ashamed, almost embarrassed for the lighthearted take on medically transitioning kids. Even though they thought they knew the entirety of what happened to these gender-confused kids on that day? The understanding they thought they had was shattered.

Taking the easy way out and not to disturb the all-mighty LGBTQ. Everyone in the room looked ashamed, embarrassed for not being brave enough for others, for children. They knew they were floating their lazy noncommittal ways through life. They knew that not stirring the pot was wrong, and they all realized that it was wrong. But they knew I had shaken the inevitable pot, thereby making their waters treacherous, but also left with a burden themselves.

They all looked ashamed, and I thought, "You should be ashamed." Even though they were planning on fighting a transgender ideology, on that day, I believe I helped them focus a shift on including the severity of what is happening to gender-confused kids. I could be wrong, but somehow I dont think I am.

Still sobbing, I looked at each person, I said their name and I pointed my finger at each one, shaming them for allowing the travesty of medical transitioning to continue because it was hard to get involved,

Each SCREAM, conversation, or pushback you have given within the medical transitioning debate is a speck of sand, sand needed to fill an entire beach too many for few, but nothing for an army.

I implore each and every one of you to go to my site and see why my emotion and dedication to stop the medicalization of children is a desperate passion that will only release its grasp on me when each and every child in the world is safe because right now children are in grave danger, my kids, your kids, my niece and nephews, cousins, friends children, children in the US, Canada, Ireland, children everywhere are in danger from the unicorn farts that we are a; allowing to linger safe. Right now,? Kids right now are not safe.

Go to the site and take the ten minutes needed to understand what this dangerous ideology is doing to children.... Non-acceptance of their perfect, healthy bodies. After all, we are talking about children. Once you get it, once you read my site? Do the right thing, SCREAM to stop childhood medicalization too and stand in the "Bigot" line for today, but I assure you within a short period, that line will change from the "Bigot Line" to the "Hero Line."

....Medical Transitioning Is No Place For A Child....Now your turn to SCREAM Louder and Adult Better!

Scott Newgent/Kellie King Daughter of Scott & Cindy Kind and granddaughter to my superhero Bill Newgent

Side note:

The footage that was taped on that day? The breakdown about not leaving my house? This would have gone further with gaining attention, and guess what? They edited out the most explosive part of the "What is a woman crew" Because? It was the right thing to do. To all the people who are attacking Matt Walsch/Justin Folk? as bigots? Shame on you, and know this: They did the right thing when no one was looking; they chose compassion for me as a human being, a lesbian/transman.

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