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UK-Trip-What it means to the FUTURE for fighting to save gender-confused kids! Health Update!

Recently, I went into activism 100% but have to scale back, unable to support my travel and survival needs to SCREAM Louder; I need to put some activism down. I don't want to. It's the LAST thing I want. I want to fight. I wish I was sponsored; I would travel from city to city, speaking to whoever would listen. I understand my voice is required. But the emotional, physical and spiritual toll of caring for my family while stressing about survival is too much.

I acknowledge that everything I touch turns into new eyeballs and ears to what is happening, just like in the UK. This video has received record numbers at GBNews. "What is a woman" was not a one-off; everything I do, I do with 100% heart, commitment and one goal. To save kids from this gender ideology garbage! No other purpose, none, but to protect kids from a life like mine with complications, yet unable to achieve what I have, a family and a life because I transitioned at 42.

These kids?

They have no idea what is coming, no one does, and that's the crisis.


I don't belong to a sub-tribal unit; I refuse to be corralled by any community. This is what makes me effective. But it's a constant scrabble and war, and I am usually alone. I do not receive much support because I refuse to be housed in a sub-tribal unit within this new activism structure, which I call 'cult activism'. I remain in this territory as a trailblazer because it's the speediest way to save these kids. The easiest? no, No, NO...If I wanted easy, I would slap on a 'Detrans' badge and circle dance with the nearest evangelical or feminist org, and viola...SUPPORTED.

Listen, for some, that is the right thing to do, and it's the best way for some to get the message out. But, for me, it's selling out these kids. My way is hard, but my way is the most effective with my message.

The UK trip was a toll, and little did I know I was developing a massive infection. It's strange; I never see them coming; somehow, life becomes completely overwhelming, and all the signs are there, yet I don't notice them. All I sense is overpowered and pulled in a million different directions but lacking the vitality and grit to accomplish the tasks. It's devastating, and each time feels the same, almost as if I am stuck inside a paper bag that I cannot claw out of. It's horrid, and I do the same thing, recoiling to realize,

"Hey, genius, you have an infection!"

These infections are life suckers, literally. But so is life, and I just finished the last round of IV antibiotics and am feeling better, getting my head screwed back on straight!

Few people have the guts to do what I am doing and have all the puzzle pieces and the background to evoke enough emotion in people to shock them awake. Saying this has been a weighty burden would be a light version of the truth. The accountability hangs on my heart, never to release because I know what's coming for these kids. People think they know, but few have all the angles. I am among the few with the components and the carnal scream only a mother carries.

Each time I speak in public, if you are around me, you would see someone who takes all this seriously; I meditate, beg, cry and plead with whoever is above to give me the words I need to rescue these kids. I beg and plead to deliver what I must convey to anyone watching and hearing to comprehend, find their fight and make them SCREAM. This is beyond profound what is happening to kids.

"Hey Scott, let's go get a drink; try this restaurant", is met with a odd look. I can't comprehend on my travels how anyone can site see when we are butchering kids under the guise of love. Yes, I am intense and thank God I am! We are, after all, experiencing the most significant medical scandal in modern history, and I believe we should act accordingly.

By no means should this be used as a political game. Many other areas to tease into becoming a known person in social media stardom, but this is not one. The medicalization of children is not a game, career choice or political maneuver; we are butchering an entire generation of children, and again, and again I will say, people need to act accordingly. The weighty shoulder pads of knowing how many cannot comprehend is daunting, but what is the choice? Give up? Mothers don't give up. All of you mothers out there? I hear you daily, the emails, calls, tears, I hear all, I read all, I ingest all!

Although I can no longer reply to all, I read, listen, and take in every word sent to me! I will continue until the ONE infection hits that I cannot fight back from. I will fight until then. Please forgive me for recoiling. That happens each time I get another infection and it will probably happen again; it's been years now; you would think, as a perspective person, I would have figured it out!...WOW, much easier to analyze the crazy of another, right?

So, as I sat recovering for that last week, I have been thinking about the best way to get the BIGGEST SCREAM out, and how I can coney to more, faster and I am going to listen.


Ok, so here is the crowdfund raiser for my memoir! I acquiesce I am not going to get a publisher; it doesn't matter how good the biography is; it's taboo right now...You know, the whole trailblazer thing!


If anyone wants to sponsor, anonymously or not, please reach out! Anyway, to save these kids faster, I am ALL IN!

The average cost to self-publish is between $15,000-$60,000

Crowd Fund - Transman Scott Newgent Memoir

The current trend of mainstream media and publishing houses worldwide is to avoid the truth. Unfortunately, the facts would save a generation of children from being butchered by the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

I am almost done with my memoir, but I have yet to find a publisher brave enough to take it on as is! The truth is raw, frank and required to uncover the travesty of slaughtering a generation of gender-confused children. To help save these kids? You have to make people feel first. I believe I have the memoir to wake up a generation of parents to protect these kids. I have the memoir, the story, the life and the strength to tell the tale parents need to hear. You may think you know my account, but you haven't heard 10% of it, and it's required earth-shattering truth to save these kids. I do, I do, I have a substantial wake-up key!

My type of activism does not align with any sub-tribal community. To align would be instant support; the negative is that my voice would be restricted to SCREAM the truth. I travel, give speeches and most of the time, the cost lies with me and donations. I can no longer shoulder this. If you feel like my voice matters, please allow me to continue to use it and let's find a faster way to save these kids!

I will give you my heart, the embarrassment of the truth that will help save these kids. As much as I hate to admit it, I need your help!

Please consider a donation today!

-Scott Newgent


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10 jun. 2023

I know a small publisher/editor just outside of Vancouver, canada if interested.

find me in FB nicole josh


22 mei 2023

In other words, Keep donating cash to me so I dont have to get a real job. Instead I will fake a transition in order to gain limelight in an effort to fleece people from their cash. Funny, You keep telling us over and over that youre a grifter. Every post is about needing money.


14 mei 2023

Scott, if you can get the word out for a good editor, that is paramount to the best presentation of your story. Most self-publishing houses do not provide good editing services. The Greater Los Angeles Writers' Society has conferences which, I believe you can attend virtually. (You don't need to live in LA to join the group.) You could reach out to them for help finding a good editor. Also, look for groups and editors in your area. What is your hesitation in looking for a publisher? They will edit your book. Try the publishers who published Trans, by Helen Joyce. Ollie London (detrans young man) has also just released a book in the UK (see my link below). Also…


13 mei 2023

I am really glad you are doing what you are. Performance Publishing in Frisco publishes for a reasonable fee and did a great job with my book. Great lady running it who will like your effort.


Thanks Kelly for helping. Our son feels lost to us but maybe our small donation of $50 NZ dollars can help save some one else's offspring from this nightmare.


Scott Newgent

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