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Child Suffers Serious Injury by Puberty Blockers & Hormone Treatment at World's #7 Top Hospital

The medically transitioning children debate is imploding in Europe, but here in the US media? Censored - Canceled - Silent. Allow TReVoices to break down and translates a shocking Swedish documentary inciting an investigation at #7 largest hospital in the country.

Thanks to TReVoices Journalist Iris EL for breaking this documentary down and translating it into English.


Child Suffers Serious Injury by Puberty Blockers & Hormone Treatment at World's #7 Top Hospital Sweden's Karolinska Hospital reports its Centre for Gender Medicine to Swedish Health Authorities

Link To Original Documentary - Link


Anything that reflects poorly on the Traliban TransTechMedical Complex is tightly kept out of U.S. media, including this major news story from Sweden, dated March 17, 2022.

Following the SVT NyHeter news story is a brief summary of the Swedish National TV documentary that has now saved the lives of an untold number of Swedish children.


The Karolinska University Hospital has reported itself to Swedish Health Authorities after child suffers serious injury from treatment with puberty blockers at its Transgender Youth Clinic

17 MARCH 2022

Mission Investigate [Sweden’s National TV Investigative Reporting Program]

Natalie's son Leo has been injured in trans treatment. The Karolinska Hospital has now reported itself to The Health and Social Care Inspectorate for their care of Leo following last year’s broadcast of a Swedish National TV documentary that revealed that several young people have suffered serious injuries from treatment in trans treatment.

-”I am happy and relieved that the hospital now acknowledges that they have done wrong,” says Leo's mother Natalie.

Leo was only eleven years old when her medical treatment with puberty-blocking hormones was begun. The idea was to stop puberty, because Leo, a biological girl, identified as a boy. When Leo had been on puberty blockers for just over four years, the 15-year-old was discovered to have osteoporosis and spinal vertebral damage and fractures. Leo also stopped growing and has constant back and hip pain. (See the Swedish National TV report:

Only when Leo complained of constant pain, four and a half years into the treatment, was the skeleton checked–bone density tests and a bone scan. No bone density tests had ever been done on Leo during the four plus years of treatment with the puberty blockers [according to the drug manufacturer, such tests should have been done regularly]–a treatment that has known risks and according to one of Karolinska’s own experts should not last longer than two years.

Continued risk of incorrect treatment

In November last year, the Mission Investigate documentary Trans Children revealed that Leo and at least twelve other children had experienced serious side effects and were injured by hormone treatments received at Karolinska University Hospital.

Following the broadcast of the documentary, the hospital did its own investigation of Leo’s case. The hospital now reports that Leo and other children have been exposed to "serious treatment injury", and that there is continued risk of incorrect treatment. In the report, the hospital states that bone density tests were not a part of routine care of patients on puberty blockers, and that families “did not receive sufficient and clear information about known side effects of the treatment."

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The hospital also states that there are a number of problems that can affect and harm children in trans treatment. On the one hand, the scientific basis is weak* which means that it is not possible to know whether the treatment is useful or safe. On the one hand, care is divided between two care providers, which makes overall responsibility for investigation, diagnosis and follow-up of side effects more difficult.

Problems not caught by healthcare providers

Additionally, the hospital writes that "it is clear that the diagnosis of gender dysphoria is not fixed", and some patients no longer want to undergo transition following a treatment with puberty blockers.

One of Karolinska’s doctors writes in the hospital’s report that Leo should not have received the treatment at all, because the care team did not take into account the patient’s psychiatric problems, suicide attempts, and expressed hesitation, which was not noted by the care team.

*[“Evidence for puberty blocking and cross-sex hormones is of ‘very low quality’ and ‘very low certainty’, which signals that the benefits of these interventions is highly unreliable. In contrast, several negative effects are quite certain.” NHS, National Institute for Health & Care Excellence, 2020”].

“It begins with a telephone call…”

Natalie and her family have received bad news…about “Leo”, their youngest child.


How it all began – “Leo was unhappy… the family took her to Karolinska Hospital “Centre for Gender Medicine” where the parents are told “the sooner Leo begins PBlockers, the better...


Karolinska Hospital provides these treatments without scientific support.

The changes to my body are irreversible. Nothing can be done.

I didn’t want to harm these patients…So I resigned.”


The evidence of the harm of puberty blockers and hormones never reaches Leo and her family. “He was better for a little while [after starting treatment], but then his mental health got worse and worse. He attempted suicide several times…and he wasn’t very old. We couldn’t understand why, we thought he’d get better [on the hormones]. Everybody said what brave parents we were… We thought we were doing the right thing.”


One of the doctors admits “we don’t really know for how long it’s OK to give puberty blockers…

There are in fact “serious side effects” and on May 1, 2021, Sweden bans all treatment of minors with puberty blockers and hormones.


Leo complains about severe body pain. “He is in constant pain.


Natalie (mamma) “I am so angry…at myself and the doctors…”

We are guinea pigs

Emelie: “They have to start listening to our experiences too.”


Discussion makes its way to the Swedish Parliament


It is discovered that Karolinska Hospital has been hiding reports of serious side effects.


Dr. Ola Nilson pediatric endocrinologist

Looking at X-rays…the patient has spinal fractures…

Two spinal vertebraes are damaged.

We trusted the doctors…”

Leo’s case has been discussed at Karolinska. But Leo’s serious side effects are not reported, and the hospital does nothing.

First they told us nothing about side effects, now they’re gaslighting us about how badly he’s been injured by those drugs…”

The reporters discover [by hook and crook] that there are 12 other patients (out of ca 200 at Karolinska Hospital) than Leo with serious side effects. [For comparison: Astra-Zeneca COVID vaccine was discontinued after a 1/1,000,000 (one in one million) serious side effect was discovered).

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