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The Hybrid Athlete - A Transwoman Athlete Breaks It Down, by Eden Walker

Updated: 5 days ago

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Late 2015 I began writing to the IOC and IAAF following a rule change around transwomen in female sports. After careful analysis of the new rules, I understood how flawed they were in many places. These new rules would give many a chance to abuse and align them to benefit them and essentially allow for the legalization of cheating. My letters and emails ignored, but I was not surprised due to the fact it was the run-up to the Rio Olympics.

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During this time, it allowed me to contacted labs and scientists about sports testing, and I tried to get some answers to my questions. I was met with the same challenges and received replies like this,

"Sorry, we're gearing up for Rio."

Although I have never been a professional athlete, I have always been an active cyclist and spent time in the army reserve and mountain rescue groups. Both these organizations require above average performance, and it ignited a passion for athletic percentage training regarding the body and performance.

My perspective is unique, with the fact that I am a post-operative transsexual woman, and I have gone through all of the requirements needed to participate in competitive women's sporting events. One thing that jumped out at me was transgender women only had to be on estrogen for 12 months. For me, that seemed utterly illogical to be sufficient to take away all the benefits I gained from puberty as a male.

Being the numbers person I am, I went back to my statistics pre-transition and started to compare numbers. The day I began to transition, I was 86kg at 9% natural body fat, today my weight is 66kg and 16% body fat. The idea that estrogen and anti-androgens make you lose muscle is nonsense. I lost 20kg of lean mass by maintaining catabolic for five years with long zone two fasted cycling.

The last thing your body wants to do is eat its protein source; you have to force it; this is difficult to make your body do. Hear me for a second;

For me to bounce to female athletic numbers, I have to force myself to eat it's protein source to help me align with a bio-female's natural numbers. Me, as an athlete, I have to make a conscious decision to do this, and if I don't, I am at an advantage.

Transwomen athletes are not going to do this! Why would they? They are not held accountable to these numbers, and the numbers that they are running create, in essence, a hybrid athlete. The numbers are no longer male due to the estrogen, but they are not female either.

I would say it makes perfect methodology in the athletic sense to almost microdose. Find the minimum amount needed to work the blood test and a training program that helps retain the drop in fast-twitch muscle fiber quality. But if you are dirty, you can sprinkle HGH to help with that.

The point of being a transwoman athlete is to try everything NOT to transition physically. More studies are needed to figure out how to remove "Hybrid," athletes, and level the playing field because, as it stands now, it's not.


The average transwoman on a medical treatment pathway with proper endocrinological support will experience some muscle loss and a dip in muscle quality but not in significant amounts to offset the biological advantages of male puberty.

A transwoman may experience a fluctuation in hematocrit values. Still, I would challenge that a drop significant enough to offset the advantage that males gain from puberty is not achieved.

Bio-women have to manage their periods through the unhealthiest full-time consumption of estrogen to halt the cycle during the competitive season. Blood must be in the equation; the higher your Red Blood Cell count, the more oxygen is moved around to the places that need it. Thus, fending off a crippling lactic acid catastrophy.

The lactic acid threshold is another measurable metric. The more oxygen you can deliver, the better and like a fire, the more oxygen you give the process, the better the results. A package of anti-androgens and estrogen will not change the fact that a body that's gone through male puberty has a bigger heart and lungs. Transwomen take in more O2 at the very beginning, and that allows a higher lactic acid threshold, which leads to better VO2 max performance. No longer at the level of a male athlete, but not at a female athlete either. I refer this as the

"Hybrid," athlete.

Let's think about contact sports. MMA, fighting games break down into weight classes. They do this because when it comes to two women in the ring, weight is a good gauge that gives an equal comparison. But we also need to keep in mind that fighters wear gloves, not to protect their opponent's head but to protect their hands. Both women have the same physiology. A transwoman has different physiology; we have a higher bone density. MMA involves the power to weigh; it's also for the safety of the fighters. If we consider how this bone density discrepancy endangers fighters, if we transfer this to the rugby pitch, the results would be a disaster.

Women are going to start getting hurt, and as this trickles down are little girls are going to start getting hurt. It is allowing unfair advantages that endanger women, and it needs to be stopped.

by Eden Walker


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