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C-6 Senators

This Sunday 4pm Eastern Zoom Meeting - Looking For 5 Leaders & Volunteers To SCREAM - Register Today

Dear friends!

I am looking for 5 LEADERS & Volunteers To Help

  • Transing Kids Autistic Leader

  • Transing Kids Political Leader

  • Transing Kids Parental Leader

  • Transing Kids FundRaising Leader

  • Transing Kids Media Leader

I am asking for a commitment of eight months. Eight months of obsession and relentless pounding to STOP the medicalization of gender confused kids!

One thing about me? I am upfront. I do not beat around the bush, and I will not start now! I have one goal, and that is to protect children worldwide from medical transition. I have no clue how I will get there, but one thing is clear: I will not stop until all children worldwide are safe from this nightmare.

I am terrible at organizing things; I have ADHD, I get irritated, I cuss, I am emotional and often too quick to puff out my chest , and I have a lot of other flaws that do not look good in the light of day. I am far, far, far from perfect! I know, I know, you all thought I was perfect, right?

But! But! I can motivate and help people see the bigger picture....I can use words as weapons to sting and use words to inspire! TReVoices needs to move onto the next step, and I have been scared to move to this step, but today?


Today, following the declaration of The President of The United States? I cannot tell myself, "When and how do we get enough funding? When do we get this exposure...When....When....When....It is no longer an excuse!

The world, society? Maybe they need the reality of someone like me and an organization like us. A leader that calls "BULLSHIT" without changing who I am, whether I am helping the Catholic Diocese in Australia or a drag queen working to STOP the LGBTQ from recruiting kids… Always the same...Bullshit is bullshit, and we call bullshit when we see bullshit !

The one thing you can always count on with TReVoices and me? A sincere heart! Today, my heart broke into yet another piece…....I know what's coming for these kids, people, I know. I can no longer say,

"WHEN?”...”When” is it right now!"

It's time to open TReVoices to the power of others; I have to trust myself enough to lead with the best intentions, believe in myself when needed, that I will choose what is right, and take criticism from others no matter how hard that is to do.

Sunday 4 pm Eastern TReVoices 1st Call.....Volunteers....United....In The Form Of

Saving kids!

Outline Coming…When I figure out what it should be!

Keep Sunday 4pm Eastern Standard Time Open!

Time to SCREAM Louder

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Scott Newgent

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