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C-6 Senators

Thousands of emails World-Wide asking how they can help stop childhood medical transition? Answer?

Our brain is a computer. Yes, the brain is a computer....…No, it's not a metaphor.

People who believe they are worth something attain their worth. We only believe what we hear in repetition consistently and with confidence. What we hear and say to ourselves? Our subconscious makes decisions that we are unaware of on a conscious level, moving the chess pieces to create the destiny we told our brain was to become a reality.

If one slogan was removed from Trump's first election race,

"Make America Great Again!"

Regardless of your opinion, Trump would have lost the election without this! I'd bet my life!

The branding done on gender-confused kids is nothing short of branding genius:

"Better an alive daughter than a dead son?"

This tiny sentence hogties parents, removes logic and replaces it with delusional emotion, and injects shame for resisting stealing the opportunity to ask questions. This sentence? The sentence creates a parent's worst nightmare, both visual and audible. After hearing this a parents child flashes before their eyes, imagining their child brains being spattered on the wall by a gunshot to the head; instantly hearing their blood-curdling scream on the inside of their mind as they are imagining finding their child........dead.

As a parent, you can't go anywhere after that; you are toast, helpless willing to do anything to keep your child safe. After this, sanity and logic evaporate, and all common sense is gone, gone...It's brilliant marketing.

These two triggers: Visual and Audio? This alone is why we are butchering an entire generation of gender-confused kids.

To be successful in saving these kids, we have to brand and run like a business. If you have followed me for any period, all the things I say align with a strategic plan. I am trying to remove that audible SCREAM within every parent's imagination, the nightmare induced with "Better an alive daughter than a dead son."

Branding? Every time someone connects logic with the medical transitioning of children, it's uncoiling parents who have been recoiled with fright. Branding replaces a bit of sanity each time someone sees or hears the branding; a piece of sanity is rebuilt. Over time, with repetition, the audible and emotional terror parents experience lowers, and with repetition, parents recover from the emotional bondage of a genuinely sinister marketing plan. Each time branding is seen, heard or read; emotional sanity is slowly regained. With repetition, parents will begin to uncoil, breathing deeply and exhaling with a SCREAM that can shake the earth's core.

These shirts I have created. I removed trans from it and replaced it with a signal for all parents when they see the SCREAMING Cat at school functions, doctors' offices, or political rallies? You are removing a piece of the emotional and audio hostage. Uncoiling them to see truth. You are saving gender confused lives, don't under play marketing you are saving children's lives.

When I say we must shake the earth's core to wake society up? I mean it. We are fighting every parent's worst nightmare. The two most basic emotions of terror are targeting these parents. We

must release this hold giving them the ability to take a huge breath in and SCREAM.........

"BULLSHIT! Bullshit, my gender-confused child will be more suicidal after medical transition, the only long term study tells us that. Screw you, doctor, shame on you and fuck you! My child is not going to be medically transition."


Say it with me; say it often and say it loud. Be relentless!

Branding saves gender-confused children's lives.

Below: Branding Slogans

Create your own. Use The SCREAMING Cat, create your own shirt, but understand the more frequent/consistent branding message the faster we save gender-confused children from the jaws of pharma.

"Start Branding Today!"

"Medical Transition Is No Place For A Child!"




Calm. Rational. Debate.

Not Working.

Time To Flip Some Desks.


It's Time To SCREAM...Louder....LOUDER


Scott Newgent

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