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Trans Men Fight Back

Updated: May 19, 2022

Transgender politics have taken a troubling turn in recent years, which most people, including many transgender people themselves, are completely oblivious to.

Gender Identity Disorder, now called Gender Dysphoria, used to be talked about quite openly in the LGB community and, whether or not we as lay people knew about Dr Blanchard’s Typology, clinicians understood that there were at least two different kinds of GD:

  1. Homosexual type (which many lesbian and gay people experience and integrate into a gay/lesbian identity)

  2. Autogynephilia, which only inflicts heterosexual men. It is a paraphilia in which a heterosexual orientation is inverted in such a way that the object of sexual desire is oneself as female.

Additional types of Gender Dysphoria have emerged since the 1980s when Dr Blanchard first studied and articulated these two primary types. What’s important to understand: These types are completely different conditions altogether, not related in any way, except somewhat when it comes to sexual orientation. Despite that these are distinctly different experiences, the current narrative presents it all to us as “trans”.

As many clinicians and community members such as ourselves have observed, most of the people at the forefront of trans activism are those heterosexual males with AGP - Which they don’t want anyone to know.

As trans men, we wish to step forward and expose this, because those AGP males (Trans women) have abused and silenced us for years in order to control the narrative.

They are behind the “gender identity” narrative. Because that hides AGP.

They are behind the conversion therapy bans. Because AGP is a sexual fetish that most likely cannot be changed through talk therapy, unlike the homosexual subtype, which is best understood as a developmental stage for many LGB people. Most children with this type of GD resolve it as they become adult gay/lesbians. Only a tiny percentage don’t, complicated by things such as homophobia. Developmental psychotherapy can help resolve that. When AGP males control the narrative, banning all psychotherapy for “gender identity”, they are denying those of us with the other types of GD options for appropriate treatment – leaving medicalization as the only legal option.

They are also behind the erasure of women’s spaces, and women’s language. Most of us with the homosexual type GD are fully aware of our biological reality, though some of us have chosen to live *as* the opposite sex for our comfort.

They are behind the transhumanist agenda. (See Martine Rothblatt)

By controlling the narrative to hide their own condition – because their sexual fantasy only works if uninterrupted – they’ve also hidden evidence-based information from everyone with the other types of GD. By branding it all as “trans”, young people with homosexual GD aren’t being told anything about the specific condition they have. That is information we are entitled to, and which makes a difference in our identity formation, our mental health, and our choices about what treatment options we want.

Children are being fed a false narrative by the media and in public schools, which is confusing them… in order to protect the egos, fantasies and capitalist desires of AGP males.

As transgender people with homosexual Gender Dysphoria, we are finally taking a stand. We are speaking our truth. Which also happens to be THE truth. The condition we have is not the same as AGP. Our needs and wants are different than those of AGP males. Evidence about the different types of GD need to be brought back into the system of care and into public discussion.

The abuse we have experienced in the community by those with AGP or by those who are simply uninformed about what’s going on so colluding with the AGP narrative, needs to be addressed.

Policymakers and lawmakers must be informed.

Clinicians who have cooperated with this political maneuver, who are knowingly withholding information from us, must be held accountable. They have failed in their professional and ethical obligation to provide their patients with evidence-based information.

Trans men with homosexual GD want the narrative corrected. We have a different kind of Gender Dysphoria, and our needs are not those of AGP males.

We want our voices heard. We hope that trans women with homosexual GD will join us. We hope AGP transsexuals who are ethical will also join us.

TReVoices & Gender Dysphoria Alliance Canada

Scott Newgent

Aaron Kimberly

Buck Angel

Aaron Terrell

Ken Pirie

...along with those who don't wish to be named

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25. Juli 2022

All these poor women thinking they are men. No real male penis? Taking steroids for life? Please, these are masculine women.

Gefällt mir

15. Juni 2022

Why have the AGP-type dysphoria been able to attain power within this community? It definitely seems like there is some money driving this movement— and silencing dissenting voices even in the larger LGBT community?

Gefällt mir

Scott Newgent

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