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C-6 Senators

TReVoices Scott Newgent June Recap "Opening EyeBalls & Scaring The Sh%& Out Of People!" Join Us!

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

TReVoices Is the Leading The World Wide Charge To STOP The Travesty Of 'Medically Transitioning' Gender Confused Kids! Support Us Today - Donate


SCREAMING "Medical Transition Is No Place For A Child!"

Sincerely, EVERYBODY!

Now understand this month has been monumental in getting people to open their eyes to the realities of what transgender ideology is doing to our children & the money tied to the


Why We Are butchering mind, body and soul & the evils involved!

But as you read this, I want you to remember that this month we had some monumental things, but some heart-crushing stuff as well."


US Health Department & President Biden announced that puberty blockers are safe and recommended medical professionals to instantly affirm socially and medically with children as young as 14 countrywide.

Nutshell: Younger, faster and now add all SURGERIES - Read More Here <----Links For All Here

California This Senator Senator Scott Wiener

Nutshell - Your State Doesn’t Approve Of Medically Transitioning Children? Come To California & Parents In California - Refuse Trans Health “Risk Having Your Kids Removed!

Already happening in Australia - Gagged Court Cases TReVoices Is Helping With!

Oh and Biden?

Yup getting ready to land bills that will make a federal law that ALL STATES? Refuse to trans your kids? Risk Losing Parental rights Here Is The US TOO!

This is serious stuff and I’ll keep saying it until people get it.

Calm. Rational. Debate. Is Not Working. It’s Time To Flip Some Desks & SCREAM LOUDER!


TReVoices - June Accomplishments Follow - Thank you all for your support! I can guarantee one thing! You won't find anyone more passionate to take on this fight!


Fox News

Watch Scott Newgent

"Ingraham Angle"

Host Laura Ingraham & Jay Greene PH/D New Study Released Nutshell: Puberty Blockers? Dangerous. Experimental & Evidence It Helps Suicidal Child?

"Oopsie Daisey - Got That One Wrong"


"What Is A Woman"




Podcast With Laura Dodsworth - Scott Newgent's first interview after the release of the documentary "What is a Woman" by, Laura Dodsworth, writer and photographer who captured both by pen and lens the realities of detransing

Gotta Say, "I dig this lady, so so so talented! Gotta huge crush and who wouldn't after spendig an afternoon talking with Laura!" - SN Link


Trans Man, Angry Hero Of ‘What Is A Woman?’ Says Film Is Helping Healing Process

by, Greg Wilson - Link

Scott Newgent, the trans man whose heartbreaking and powerful interview in The Daily Wire‘s groundbreaking new documentary “What is a Woman?” exposes the lie that medically altering people’s biological sexes leads to happiness, says the film is helping with the healing process.

Courage & ‘What Is A Woman?’

by, Rod Dreher - Link

Have you seen Matt Walsh’s excellent documentary “What Is A Woman?” You have to pay for it, so I suggest getting together viewing parties, especially of kids aged 10 and up. I don’t recall that there’s anything that younger kids shouldn’t see, except that they shouldn’t have to be thinking about insanity like transgenderism. However, if they’re getting any of it at school, then they need to see this movie, and then talk about it.

'I will never be a man, ever': Transgender man tells author MATT WALSH that America is selling our 'most vulnerable kids' a medical 'illusion' when we tell them they can change their gender

by, Matt Walsh - Link

This is an adaptation of Matt Walsh's book, 'What Is a Woman?: One Man's Journey to Answer the Question of a Generation,' which is being released June 14 from Daily Wire Books

This One Tug On My Heart Strings - Scott Newgent

by, Michael Brown -Link

When I arrived at my office on Monday to do my daily "Line of Fire" broadcast, there was a package waiting for me from TreVoices. In the package was a long-sleeved T-shirt with a logo on the front and an inscription on the back. Both front and back were customized with a special message, which I'll share with you in a moment. I was genuinely honored and moved.

Trans Man Says Transitioning Children is Harmful and Experimental Not to Mention Dangerous

by, Scott Newgent - Link

Scott Newgent, the trans man whose heartbreaking and powerful interview in the documentary, “What is a Woman” is powerful and quite frankly extremely frightening. Newgent reveals that the experimental transitioning surgeries rake in about $1.3 million dollars per case between medications and surgery. Despite numerous surgeries, New gent has not been able to transition into a man and he is warning parents that letting children transition is dangerous and does not make them happy.


TReVoices Mentions


‘What is a woman?’ exposes the lunacy of pro-trans extremism

by Karol Markowicz - Link

What should be an easy question to answer is now considered a “gotcha” on the left. Conservative writer Matt Walsh has produced a documentary with the question as its title, hoping to get to the bottom of it.


‘What Is A Woman?’ – Matt Walsh Uses Humor, Pathos and Truth to Expose Lies and Harms of Gender Ideology

by, Jeff Johnston - Link

Matt Walsh’s provocative documentary, What Is a Woman?, aired online at The Daily Wire on June 1, in what the political commentator and podcast host said was “an all-out assault on gender ideology.”


What Is a Woman? Shows Why We Must Protect Kids

by, J.Stonestreet & K. Leaner - Link

Or as, Scott Newgent put it: “We’re butchering a generation of children because nobody is willing to talk about anything.” 

Scott Newgent

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