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TReVoices - September? Hold On ButterCup S%*& About To Get Real

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

TReVoices Is the Leading The World Wide Charge To STOP The Travesty Of 'Medically Transitioning' Gender Confused Kids! Support Us Today - Donate




UNITY RALLY-American Academy of Pediatrics Convention

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Follow TReVoices On Tik Tok - We Are Getting The Hang Of It & Scott Is Cracking People Up With His Video Replies



Dr. Norman Spack, you all know who he is. He's the pediatric endocrinologist at Boston's Children's Hospital (where minors are butchered and sterilized for profit). BCH has been in the news the last couple of weeks - as they have been exposed on social media (via Libs of TikTok and Matt Walsh) to be performing "top" and "bottom" surgeries on 15-year-olds. 16-year-olds. 17-year-olds & now with US President's signature, the new age? The president's words, "Earlier, the better!"


Dr. Spack was challenged to a live debate with me on television.

He ACCEPTED - Then - Pulled Out - To Save The Debate? Read Below!

This man was offered so many special conditions that it is almost comical. He was offered the option of the debate NOT being live. He was offered the option of his portion, his answers and rebuttals being edited by him afterwards. So essentially, he was offered the option that anything he said and later did not want to air would not be aired! He was offered the chance to entirely back out — given the opportunity to have his entire presence in the debate replaced by a black screen and a random voice reading his questions to me. He was offered to be paid double, as I offered to relinquish my compensation — to be given to him instead!

Dr Spack agreed and then folded in terror. The idea of being eyeball to eyeball to me? Scared the DOO DOO out of him! Rightly so, it would have been the worst career move in the history of medicine. But, it would have ended the childhood medical transition or ignoted rioting in the streets if the medical industry tried to continue to medically transition children.

As a career more Dr Spack - Good Career Move

As a human being - SLIMY! Disgusting - How Does This Man Sleep At Night - That's Right? He Sleeps Like A Baby On A $150,000 Mattress, I suppose?

What's the takeaway here?

He has no confidence. He has no spine. When it comes to debating the morality and ethics and supposed "benefits" of the medical transition of children? This man cannot do it. Dr. Spack cannot defend himself. Dr. Spack cannot defend his position.

Erica Anderson and Susie Green are negotiating with him now. We are not giving up that easily. We are not taking "no" for an answer!

Bring it - Anyone - Anytime - Anywhere - I Will Debate - Debate - Debate The President Of The United States - ANYONE!

-Scott Newgent


BulletProof Equipment Donated To Scott

Anything that reflects poorly on the Traliban TechMedical Complex is tightly kept out of U.S. Mass media and social media. That’s why TikTok (Not All - Just Some) has banned Scott’s videos, preventing his ability to reach out to his thousands of followers and to solicit money for the cause. TikTok, like Twitler, Facebook, and Instagram, is part of the TRAliban TechMed Complex.

This is bad news, but there’s a silver lining. They are getting afraid. They know that the end is coming. And it won’t be pretty.

For those who still believe that the TRAliban Alphabet Mafia are “kind”, this should disabuse you of that belief: A security company has donated bullet proof vests to Scott. This should tell you the kind of “kind” people we are dealing with.

I am asking you on Scott’s behalf to please help support the CA trip rally. A $75 donation and TREvoices will send you a t-shirt.



Much more than merchandise, it's a head nod to all the parents who are told to transition their child that their apprehensions are accurate; they are not bigots and give them the confidence to push back.

Our merchandise says nothing about transgender; we did this on purpose so you can wear them to school functions, church, doctor appointments and political rallies. Any parent dealing with a gender-confused kid will be jolted by the fact that they are not alone with their concerns.

You could wear a shirt to one of these functions and be responsible for saving a child. Again, much more than a shirt. Join in and SCREAMING with TReVoices merchandise.

Any concern they have beyond instant affirmation is bigotry. You give these parents more power to save their child than a shirt.

"Medical Transition Is No Place For A Child!"


Scott Newgent & Everyone Else Who Gets Educated

I Was In ‘What Is A Woman’: It Was The Hardest Thing I Ever Did, But I’d Do It Again!

Read The Daily Wire Article - Free Here On TReVoices

I Underwent Gender Transition Surgery: Here’s What The Media Doesn’t Tell You

Read The Top Article Read At The Daily Wire - July

We Work So Hard - Help Make Sure We Can Continue The Fight - Donate Today

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Mike Greszler
Mike Greszler
Sep 08, 2022

Scott, I'm an Atheist, Pro-Choice, Libertarian "cis" man. I'm also a father to a (step)daughter who, instead of dealing with the hardships her parents dealt her, prescribed herself to the "trans cure". I said from the beginning there were no signs, her online access was giving her these ideas, and the number of students (mostly girls) in her school suddenly claiming trans was absurd. We sent her to therapy right after this claim and before we knew the depth of the abuse her biological father was subjecting her and her sisters to while at his house. The therapists, instead of dealing with her issues, were more focused on "transing" her. When I brought to light the depth of her troubles, they…


Scott Newgent

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