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"Why do you still present, male?' Good Question. Allow me to answer:

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

By Transman Scott Newgent

I recently had someone ask why I still present as a male on Twitter.

Now, I have received this inquiry many times in an attacking state so so so many, and it hurts deeply! It does. Most of the time, I scan over because if people knew the truth? The faultfinders? If they are not sociopaths, they would feel awful!

Yet I have found that when you respond to attackers, even in agreement? They still attack, don't listen, and it's like a shark-feeding frenzy! The computer screen has made us a level below awful form! It's heartbreaking, at least for me, because I am genuinely trying to save children!

Am I perfect? No. But am I open to learning and growing? Yes. I wish I saw this more in others, and it makes me want to clam up at times and revert to F You's...But I started activism that way, and it doesn't work! So I adjusted for more people to hear my message.

But a question came in recently that felt kind. The question came in the form of a tweet that seemed sincere, so I answered as I always do.

RAW. REAL. TRUTHFUL. even if it hurts because our children deserve us to ADULT Better.

Accidental Star of Matt Walsh's

'What is a woman' answers with raw, forthcoming frankness.

"Why do you still present, male?'

Good Question.

Allow me to answer:

I am not offended by questions or statements of disagreement if they are not done in malice. This was not done in wrath so I will answer.

I am not representing myself anyway. I wear what I want; if you think it's masculine, that's on you. I took testosterone for a prolonged duration, and synthetic cross-hormones are potent and permanent. You can't say that 'medical transitioning is permanent' and expect people to 'PROOF' look like their biological gender. I have forever altered my genetic chemistry.

In my interview with Matt Walsh's in 'What is a woman?' I had not taken testosterone for nearly two years, not a drop. That is DETRANS, but I never declared detrans because I was beginning to see the distress of the push for these young people who altered their bodies to return in a monumental shift representing absolute femininity as detrans females and the contrary with the males. I noticed and still do a tremendous backlash of more pain these young people are going through to discover they didn't fit, never will fit and making them believe they can with overtly feminine or masculine appearance to receive praise is just as damaging in reverse.

We need to love people at the place they are at!

What I said in the post that you are commenting on outlines what I am trying to communicate with glaring red lights and partly to blame for why we are in this chaos, gender ideology. People are not black and white, yet this definite view makes people feel good; they know what to anticipate. People are not black/white we are all a myriad of distinctions.

Yet, on the other hand, stereotypical male and female roles have continued because they represent the majority, not all...Ah...HA!


Voices are limited within this debate. Help ensure we continue to fight and stop childhood medical transition.


In the majority, 70% of males and females fit into the stereotypical roles; what happens to the 30%? The 30% have been since the beginning of time, yet survival was at the forefront, shoving anxieties to the back. This analysis on gender is proof we have TOO MUCH time on our hands. But since we do, and it's here, let's discuss it and become better!

What happens to the 30%

My question to you?

What would make you feel comfortable? How should I present to you?

I know I am a woman. I know I will never look like one, and putting a ribbon in my hair to soothe your anxiety makes me feel bad. So where is the line, the love and kindness for both?

The truth.

I will never fit ANYWHERE, and I am ok with that. Why are you not?


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Scott Newgent

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