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What Do These Kids Have In Common

What Do These Kids Have In Common

The studies are very Clear! If you are medically transiting your children, they will be more suicidal after completing medical transition. Specifically, 7-10 years after surgery is the highest point of suicide for transgender people, not before. Again, parents, you are being lied to. Regarding the emotional effects of transition, many activists will refer you to a 2018 Pediatrics journal article entitled "Transgender Adolescent Suicide Behavior." But the study reported therein was based on just three years of data—collected between 2012 and 2015. What matters is the long term. And in this regard, the gold standard is a study of 324 medically transitioned adults based on 30-year longitudinal data. The authors found that completing sex-reassignment surgery was associated with "considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behaviour, and psychiatric morbidity" than the general population. Kids who are suicidal before their transition likely continue to be suicidal, and the most intense ideation often comes years after transitioning.

Here is a question to ask any medical professional that says you must medically transition your child at once.

​"Why is comorbidity so high with gender-confused kids? Why do these kiddos grow up to be gay, autistic, gifted or mentally ill? Why is that the case, doctor? Does medical transition help gay kids deal with being gay better, or do autistic adults adjust better after medical transition? Does medical transition help mental illness or help gifted intellectually deal with this gift/curse better?"

Psychotherapeutic studies showed that children adjust and are cured of mental illness after the medical transition? The ones they throw on the table with pamphlets conflating medical transition as a cure for suicidal ideation?


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